Deep relaxation for the Hearing Impaired


15 years ago Michael Landgraf and Christopher Oliver donated light and sound mindmachines to the Braille Institute to learn how effective the audio aspect of light and sound stimulation affected visually impaired individuals. The benefits were immediately apparent. This experience and the feedback gained was a primary reason for the creation of the Virtual 515 dual-independent-binaural-beat audio frequency sessions (available today as immediately downloadable MP3s).

Recently our attention has turned towards helping the hearing impaired. Visual stimulation is a safe and effective modality for promoting deep meditative brainwave states, for shedding stress and coping with anxiety and depression. Not to mention the patience needed when adjusting to newly acquired hearing aids. Unable to hear the audio frequency generation nixes a great many products designed for wellness and coping skills. Michael and Christopher spent several years experimenting with various devices that could prove positive to those with hearing loss and the 2 channel personal Roshi, with it’s binaural visual stimulation exceeds all criteria for meeting the specific needs of hearing impaired people. This visual stimulation generates algorhythmic frequencies that differ for each eye, creating a three dimensional visual affect, calming brain chatter, healing brainwave pathways and enabling the mind to drift very deeply, where time slows and listening begins. This pRoshi 3D NeuroDynamic Activator is the popular choice for those with hearing impairments.

The pRoshi is simple to use. Connect the light-emitting RoshiFrames, turn the pRoshi unit on, adjust the pulsed light stimulation brightness (intensity) and enjoy! The pRoshi comes complete with pRoshi unit, two pairs of 3D RoshiFrames (red/blue and green/blue), ac adapter and storage pouch.



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