Rheumatoid arthritis can cause prolonged discomfort and can be quite painful. My onset started about a year ago and I am grateful to have found a physician with an abundance of experience when dealing with RA. Centered mainly in my right hand and both feet, it has been another ‘getting old’ lifestyle change. My doctor put me on the correct medicine with the correct dosage and the pain has diminished greatly. However, there are plenty of days I wake up and realize my hand does not want to work my laptop’s keyboard and my daily walks are drastically shortened due to the swelling in my feet. It sucks. As one of the techs told me: “Getting old ain’t for wussies”. I couldn’t agree more.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES

So for those days when the meds aren’t quite enough or I have an abundance of computer work to do, I have found welcome relief by doing one 20 minute session on my DAVID Delight Pro light and sound machine by Mind Alive, Inc. The Delight Pro has 2 “Mood Brightner” sessions that are incredible. Instead of taking opiate-based (and addictive-potential) pain medication I use these two sessions for relief. And they work – usually up to four to six hours. My DAVID Delight Pro has virtually paid for itself a few times over just by the money I have saved from not having to purchase vicodin or some other over-priced medication.

Forget about your RA - use the Delight Pro and RELAX IN COMFORT!

Forget about your RA – use the Delight Pro and RELAX IN COMFORT!

If you have RA I highly recommend checking out the advantages of owning a DAVID Delight Pro. Visit Mindmachines.com. They have the lowest price, they ship to the United States and Canada via Fedex 2 Day service for free and should you have questions or concerns about the Delight Pro system you can call or email as Mindmachines.com is one of the few light and sound dealers that not only answer their phone, but also use the products they sell!

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