The DAVID Smart light and sound machine by Mind Alive is ideal for academic learning, memory retention and achieving higher educational performance levels.

The expectation of performing at peak academic levels puts students under constant pressure to excel. This pressure can lead to depression, anxiety and problems with sleep – all roadblocks towards attaining academic excellence.

smrrtThe DAVID SMART (Sensory Modulated Academic Resilience Trainer) combines light with sound brainwave stimulation to assist students in achieving optimal mental states for academic performance. How? By lowering stress and anxiety, by raising energy levels and memory capability and by counteracting depressive thoughts. Results also indicate personal social skills improve, as does sleep quality.
In his article “Audio-Visual Entrainment: A Novel Way of Boosting Grades and Socialization While Reducing Stress in the Typical University and College Student”, David Siever, President of Mind Alive states: “Attention, concentration, memory, grade-point average and stress/worry are all primary concerns of the modern university and college student. Also, young adults are concerned about having a somewhat active social life in between exams, essays and deadlines. The stress of school shunts cerebral blood flow away from the cortex (during stress the brain assumes the body needs blood in the core to prepare for flight or battle which is just the opposite of what the present day student needs). This slows brain wave activity down into greater alpha and theta brain wave frequencies, similar to what is seen in those with ADD and ADHD, leaving the student more distractible, impulsive and hyperactive. This behavior in turn impairs the student’s ability to study and write exams, thus increasing stress and using valuable social time needed to shake off stress and the potential of falling into depression. Audio-visual entrainment (AVE) has been shown to produce dramatic increases in cerebral blood flow, efficient brain activity and sound mental health. Several studies involving the use of AVE for enhancing academic performance have been completed. AVE has proven to be an effective and affordable aid to better grades and improved socialization”.

The answer for getting better at learning and remembering is the DAVID Smart. The sessions are designed to meet the unique needs of students who are pressed for time.

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The DAVID SMART (Sensory Modulated Academic Resilience Trainer) integrates the principles of audio/visual brainwave stimulation to help students achieve peak mental performance by reducing anxiety, increasing energy levels and memory capability, counteracting depressive thoughts, enhancing social skills, and improving sleep quality.

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Read Dave Siever’s Article on the Benefits of Using AVE to Boost Academic Achievement: