Mind States by Michael Landgraf


Daily Journal For Describing Personal Session Experiences And Sensations

Day 11:

-What session(s) did you use? For how long? What kind of patterns and colors did you see?

-On a scale of 1-10 (1=lousy/10=excellent), how would you rate the following levels both before and after doing a session: Your stress level? Your energy level? Your ability to focus?

-In what ways do you feel differently after your session compared to before your session physically, emotionally, mentally? How long do these feelings/sensations last?

-Were you able to remain focused on your goals during the session or did your mind drift? If your mind did drift, were the thoughts pleasant? Were you able to refocus?

-Did you have any new ideas? Any “profound” revelations?

-Is your memory improving? In what ways? Do you sense improvement in your ability to concentrate?

-Do you feel more centered? Are you more organized?

-If you suffer from chronic pain, is the pain decreasing? Do you suffer from muscle tension, tightness or headaches? Are they decreasing in severity?

-Do you experience mood swings? Do you notice them decreasing infrequency and/or intensity?

-How are you sleeping? Are your dreams lucid?

-Additional comments …



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