Creativity & the California Drought

Water conservation has been at the forefront of local news for several months because of the extreme water shortage here in Southern California. So I put my DAVID Delight Pro mind machine to the test, using an alpha / theta light and sound brainwave frequency session and thinking ‘creativity and the California drought’.


I came up with an idea that saves my household over 150 gallons of water per week. We have rain barrels connected to the gutters surrounding our home for those rare moments when it actually rains and after that one alpha / theta brainwave entrainment session, I had an ‘aha’ revelation…

Since I rarely use bleach-based laundry detergent when I wash clothes and such, why not connect the washing machine grey water to one of the rain barrels?

So I did. Behind the washing machine I changed the pipes so I could either let the grey water flow directly into the rain barrel or flip a switch and have the water flow into the drain pipe like before. It took less than three hours of labor and $40 for parts.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

The result has surprised us all and gotten the attention of our neighbors. Since the retrofit, I have not had to use tap water for inside or outdoor plants or for washing our cars. And concerning the plants, we’ve noticed that affids and other unwanted bugs no longer find our plants to their liking and have gone elsewhere, yet ladybugs and the occasional preying mantis’ still call our yard home.


So if you are like us, living in a drought and looking for ways to decrease your water consumption, think about redirecting the used water from your washing machine. You’ll notice a huge drop in water usage on your next Department of Water and Power bill and feel good about saving water wherever possible. And to come up with original ideas of your own for conserving water, try a creativity light and sound session on the DAVID Delight Pro mind machine!

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