By Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D. 

The word CONFIDENCE is highly important in any sport. Becoming a winning athlete, student or responsible person requires extreme self-confidence and belief in strong abilities in your life. To remind you of words to use to help you remain CONFIDENT, write three words next to each letter below. Think of words that describe a positive approach to goals in life:


C-concentration, coordination, connected

O-observant, opportunity

N-nutrition, nerve control, no negativity

F-focus, fearless, factual

I-intuitive, in control

D-decisive, daring, damage control

E-energy, evading bad shots, edge on game

N-notice of wind, weather,

C-caring, chipping, control, challenge

E-endurance, empathy, excitement

When you have finished, pick one word that best describes how confident you feel. Circle each outstanding word. Read through the remaining words and select the best one to describe how confident you will be in your game. You have now selected words to mentally keep you positive and confident. Write the words and carry them with you glancing atthem when necessary, you will be amazed at the positive boost to your confidence. You will find that you will actually accomplish actions that pertain to the words you selected.


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