Coming back from the dead:

Megabrain author Mike Hutchison writes new book

about his awakening & enlightenment


By Nicky Vanvalkenburgh


About 11 years ago, Megabrain author Mike Hutchison was almost killed by a house fire and fall from an icy bridge. Pronounced dead on arrival, Hutchison stunned paramedics and doctors by coming back to life and breathing again. Today, he is a quadriplegic, and is writing a book about the enlightenment that resulted from his experience.

Hutchison suspects the fire was set by arsonists who doused his home with kerosene and set it aflame. The fire destroyed his unpublished book manuscripts, computer and EEG equipment, plus valuable research that Hutchison been working on about peak performance in the brain.


“I woke up in the hospital with a huge tube in my throat feeding me oxygen. I had severe burns and smoke inhalation damage,” said Hutchison, in a private interview with AVS.

“I was in intensive care, with respiratory therapists teaching me to inhale and exhale through various machines. The breathing tube felt like it had taken root inside me. It took two nurses and two aides holding me down to finally yank it out. It felt like they were pulling out not only my lungs, but my entire insides.”


Later discharged from the hospital, Hutchison tried to rehabilitate himself by running.

“At first, I could only go about a hundred yards before feeling like I would faint or puke. I was exhausted, wheezing and coughing up ugly crap,” said Hutchison.


“My life depended on coming up with a new book, which meant I had to get back to my running, so I was tenacious. Slowly over the next few weeks, I began to increase my distances to 2 miles, 4 miles, 6 miles, and gradually my lung capacity increased. Fortunately, I had been in really good physical shape before the fire and was able to make a rapid comeback. After just a few weeks of running, I took a 12 mile run along a hidden trail through the mountains, and back across the river.”



Mike Hutchison can be reached at Mike is also on Facebook.

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Article originally appeared in AVS Journal, Vol. 9, #1,  copyright: Michael Landgraf, publisher. All rights reserved.

AVS Journal vol 9.1