Coming back from the dead:

Megabrain author Mike Hutchison writes new book

about his awakening & enlightenment Part 4


By Nicky Vanvalkenburgh



“Some people may say that this sounds stupid,” admits Hutchison. “Why would you want to turn off your thinking ability? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! When you are in unconditioned consciousness, you can switch on your mind instantly, anytime you want. There is total absence of thought, resting silently in the deep peace and overwhelming bliss of Consciousness.”


Hutchison provides more detail about his awakening and enlightenment his new book, which is tentatively titled, “The Great Adventure.” He says that this awakening has helped him cope with the chronic neurogenic pain that comes with being a quadriplegic.

“My doctors tell me that I’ve made the greatest progress of anyone in history who broke all those cervical bones simultaneously,” says Hutchison. He remains paralyzed, but gets by with helpers for getting dressed, bathing, cleaning and cooking meals.

Hutchison’s hands are also paralyzed, but he is able to use voice-activated software called

Dragon Speak. The software enables him to dictate into a microphone, so that his words appear on his computer monitor, where he can edit them.


“I’ve learned to spend much of my time in the void,” reflects Hutchison. “It is infinite in all directions, no beginning or end, no self and no ego, total emptiness, unending silence, and infinite space. This is where I spend most of my time, and it takes away my pain. After awhile, I figured that this pure total emptiness and silence— which is also pure total fullness because everything arises out of it— is God. I’m in this state of bliss much of the time, and I want to let others know that all is One and its nature is bliss.”


Hutchison says this bliss is with him all the time, even 10 years after his first Enlightenment experience. “I am still living in poverty, but I’m in Unconditioned Awareness much of the time, and that makes me the happiest man in the world,” he says.

Hutchison continues to work on his book, and is aiming for publication in 2011.


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