Coming back from the dead:

Megabrain author Mike Hutchison writes new book

about his awakening & enlightenment  Part 3


By Nicky Vanvalkenburgh



Doctors told Hutchison that he would die soon. The 60-foot fall had broken almost all of his cervical vertebrae and damaged his spinal cord. The doctors spent hours meticulously reassembling his vertebrae, like a jigsaw puzzle. His spinal cord was fused together with titanium rods, and he was wrapped in a body cast from head to toe. “I was heavily dosed with pain killers and passed in and out of consciousness. I felt like a prisoner, encased in a skin-tight plastic cast that covered my entire torso, arms, and skull. It included two steel bars that ran from my chest to my chin. The steel bars pushed my chin and therefore my entire head backwards,” recalls Hutchison.


Hutchison also felt claustrophobic: “I couldn’t move or breathe; there was nothing I could do to escape this horrible feeling of panic.” The doctors had told him it would take at least four months to recover, and the only thing he could do was stare at the ceiling. Unable to interact with the outside world, Hutchison directed his thoughts inward.


“I spent much of my day in a state of pure bliss consciousness,” recalls Hutchison. “Was it escapism, or a clever use of higher states of consciousness? Whatever it was, it worked! This was one of my first steps in learning to use higher states of consciousness and the path leading upward toward the peak.”


Over the next four months, Hutchison started to remember the details of his accident:

“As memories seeped back into my mind, it became clear to me that the only way I could deal with this total paralysis— quadriplegia— was to return to Oneness. If there was anyway to recover, I had to use the powers of The One. This meant using my Oneness with all of being to reach Enlightenment. Was this possible for someone like me?”


Hutchison found that turning inward took away his feelings of panic, and replaced these negative emotions with peace and bliss: “I could turn off my mind and go into a state of no-mind, emptiness, nothingness, or unconditioned consciousness.”


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Article originally appeared in AVS Journal, Vol. 9, #1, copyright: Michael Landgraf, publisher. All rights reserved.

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