In sponsoring learning/relaxation programs, I have had the opportunity of using several light and sound instruments designed by the best manufacturers, including InnerQuest, MindGear, MindPlace and MindAlive. They have all proved to be effective mind entrainment devices.

As mentioned earlier, every light and sound manufacturer that I have met has always been willing to listen and to help when they can. And I am grateful for their understanding that my sometimes critical displeasure stems from an inability to meet a customer’s specific need because a product does not exist, even though the technology is available. The manufacturers all have come a long way, always improving the sessions and features of their particular products, and it will be interesting to see over the next few years the various directions and emphasis each manufacturer takes.

Until now, I have always kept the learning and relaxation programs described in this book confidential. After all, people have a right to keep what is happening in their personal lives private. Plus, when working with public schools and government agencies, for example, there are many underlying issues (mainly politics) that could surface should the general population take notice. Why? Because doctors and psychologists are expected to prescribe pills, not cost-effective instruments, to help people in need. And teachers are expected to follow a lesson plan, regardless of their class size and budgetary constraints. But mainstream America is wising up. There are a great many tools and techniques out there that are proving to be safer and more cost efficient than what has been termed “acceptable” by professional medical practitioners.

Some of my programs will remain confidential. But I wrote this book because so many of my clients thought I should. They believe in this technology. They purchase a unit for a specific purpose and find new ways of incorporating it into their lifestyle. Be it for business, pleasure, academic enhancement or for overcoming pain, they are the ones who share their experiences and they are the reason why this technology is gaining acceptance. To all my clients, you have taught me a lot about light and sound. Thank you!

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