Now I would like to take a moment to address an issue that has received very little attention from the leaders in the light and sound community. I have always felt that the visually impaired have been neglected when the mention of light and sound is discussed. But how would you react if suddenly your vision began to deteriorate? Would you feel anger? Would you be afraid? Do you think learning the Braille keyboard is easy? There is a lot of frustration involved. And an incredible amount of stress. Okay, granted the pulsating light aspect of this technology would have little effect, but dual binaural beat sound generation sure helps. I have participated in the Braille Institutes’s Open House and have heard their concerns. I have spoken about these concerns with Christopher Oliver on radio (KPFK Challenge talk show) and television (KSAZ Fox News).

Mind States by Michael Landgraf

To illustrate how sound generation can assist the visually impaired, I would like to share the following experience that happened to one of my visually impaired clients. Due to the deterioration of her eyesight, Laura Riggs had to return to school because she could no longer fulfill the responsibilities associated with her profession. Returning to school after twenty-five years was a real undertaking for her. Laura experienced difficulty with retaining new information which in turn caused more stress. Her grade point average was at 2.0 or a “C”. She then began using the 515. Her anxiety level declined and her test scores improved. She began to retain the information being read to her on tape. And her grade point average increased to a 3.2 or “B+”. And at this moment, Laura is completing her final semester at a major California University. Since Mind States was originally written, Laura has also received her masters degree.

Hopefully, research can increase concerning sound generation and the visually impaired. And perhaps those with hearing deficits can receive attention in regards to research exclusively utilizing pulsed light stimulation. After all, we all experience various forms of stress.

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