Mind States by Michael Landgraf

I originally found Dr. Jernigan’s work from reading his book “Beating Lyme Disease”. It was then that I realized how focused many of us in the light and sound community are in utilizing L/S technology in mind / brain associated applications and how narrow our thinking is for sticking to that approach. After reading about the “Bio-Crystalline Matrix” I am confident many of you, like myself, will begin to expand your L/S applications to include the entire body. I am fascinated by what Dr. Jernigan is doing and after reading his articles, believe you will be too. Find out what our “Bio-Crystalline Matrix” is and how it can be altered. Dr. Jernigan is part of the Somerleyton Center for Biological Medicine. After reading “Joan’s Story”, you may wish to give them a call (316-686-5900).

Free stuff. I must mention this! My reason for writing “Mind States” is to help you understand what light and sound is and how to confidently use your light and sound machine. But new research and information occurs daily. That is why I publish the AVS Journal. It is available at and is designed to keep you “light and sound” current. After ten years and nineteen issues, it is still free. The AVS Journal is a constantly updated report about light and sound technology by the people who make it happen. Current information, especially free, can be hard to find. Now you have access to hundreds of pages of information contributed by industry leaders throughout the world.

And for all of you who are told your child should use light and sound, how do you explain it to them? How do you get your child to understand using this technology could be beneficial for their particular need? What do you say that motivates them to do a session? Is the prospect of using this technology creating apprehension, perhaps anxiety, on their part? If your child is young and enjoys coloring books, download Fossil Phil’s “Light, Sound & Fun” coloring book. It is a free pdf download at Nothing “scientific” is implied. It’s just forty-nine pages of pictures to color with a story by Fossil Phil. Put together to help your child view light and sound as a fun experience, it will provide hours of entertainment for your child as they color in the pictures and read how others their age use light and sound. It is the only light and sound coloring book around, at least as I write this, and it is helpful. Free, too. It is something Fossil Phil wanted to make available for kids and is an excellent way for your children to have fun and learn about the advantages of using light and sound technology.

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