Buying your first light and sound mind machine

Buying your first light and sound mind machine

The more educated you are about mind machines, the better choice you will make when you purchase. Begin by asking yourself what you want a mind machine for … meditation? business tool? teaching aid? Your answer will tell you what type of mindmachine to look for.

The majority of light and sound systems include a variety of brainwave frequency sessions targeting all four general brainwave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Consider which states would best meet your needs. Will you focus mainly on Beta, our normal waking state; Alpha for relaxed concentration; Theta for deep, clear thoughts or Delta for help in falling asleep?

What color light stimulation would you prefer? I recommend the multi-color eyesets because each color can visually stimulate brainwaves differently even though you are partaking in the same brainwave frequency session. And don’t forget the audio frequency aspect… your light and sound machine should include a variety of audio modes including binaural beats.

The light and sound mind machine that best matches those requirements is the DAVID Delight Pro by Mind Alive.