Trying to control your breath during meditation can be a problem for some. They feel unable to let go and just breathe naturally. It can be a focus-stopper during meditation as thoughts on breathing become overwhelming. Just being aware that you feel your breath isn’t happening naturally and you consciously attempt manipulation is more than enough to mess with your motivation for focus training through meditation.

Those who have this problem need to relax! Let go. And go ahead, let yourself manipulate your breath. Obviously you are trying to breathe naturally, but breathing just happens naturally. So you are not really manipulating it, you are just paying attention to it. Breathing happens whether you are focused on it or not. Let those thoughts drift away and focus on something else.

I started using the DAVID Delight Pro with visual stimulation during meditation and never experienced being fixated on ‘how I was breathing’ again. As I access gradually deeper brainwave levels in theta and delta, breathing becomes naturally rhythmic. Outside, in the sun, sometimes shade, for 30 minutes. Sitting, wearing lightframes that send colorful displays of information, pulsed frequencies that contain instructions for my brain. My brain quiets, and listens. My sense of smell sharpens with the scent of flowers, hearing all the different birds purifies my hearing. Living in a big city, air pollution, noise pollution and all that, I don’t have time to experience a lousy meditation session. With the DAVID Delight Pro I can instantly let go and not have to think of anything until a half hour later when my timer sounds.

The DAVID Delight Pro is built to last you a lifetime. Make the investment. Your meditative experiences will thank you! Your DAVID Delight Pro comes with 3 styles of lightframes: closed-eye, see-thru and mag-stim in addition to everything else that’s included. If you would like to make monthly payments rather than all-at-once, Paypal offers 6 months no interest when you choose Bill Me Later. Having DAVID Delight Pro as your mindmachine of choice will greatly impact your meditative sessions, assisting your goals towards complete mind / body / spirit singularity.

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