“Brainwave Entrainment: the light and sound machines I use”


On sunny days I like to sit on my back porch in the early afternoon and do a twenty minute pRoshi session. The pRoshi is not a brainwave entrainment generator, the pRoshi is a brainwave disentrainment activator. When business related I’ll use the pRoshi with blue/green 3D color stimulation frames. Works well to keep me motivated and generating creative thoughts, energized but not crazy busy. I find myself being more productive. For recreational sessions I enjoy the blue/red 3D stimulation. Interesting journey. Thoughts transcend, fade in and out, yet vivid and focused, in a very deep meditative, universally insightful way. Awareness.





Everyone should own a pRoshi. If I had to describe a pRoshi session experience I’d say you’d gain an-everything-around-and-within-awareness realization that can mentally, emotionally and physically manifest into positive personal understanding. Conscious brainwave awareness can result in calm, focused and happy attitudes, improved sleep, with a strong sense of mind/body synchronicity.


Delight Pro


I also like the Delight Pro with CES. 2-user capacity, session editor software, Chakra colors generated by the lightframes, even has left/right independent color control. No goop needed for the CES earclips either. Super clean. Every session does what it says: need sleep? got an attitude problem? someone close got an attitude problem? Lightframes, headphones, earclips = perfect personal escape. With 2-users experiencing the same session, it’s like being on the same brainwave. The first two Mood Brightner sessions have personally helped me deal with pulled muscles and other clumsily-induced annoyances. Do much air travel? Include your Delight Pro. A rapidly growing awareness among coaches and athletes is the importance of brainwave focus training for achieving desired competitively focused states at will. Many pre-Olympians are utilizing brainwave focus instruction as part of their training regiment for the Rio Games.



And my other favorite is the mBm. Stands for microBeatmini. Entire system fits in the lightframes. One wire going to your iTune playlist. Frames fold up just like sunglasses, earbuds can handle high volume. Most efficient and compact AudioStrobe system around. Even includes soft rubber-molded lightframe cover for ganzfeld-type effects.

Since 1985 I have experienced hundreds of sessions on dozens of light and sound machines, and the three systems I would highly recommend to everyone interested in brainwave entrainment or disentrainment focus training are the pRoshi, the Delight Pro with CES and the microBeatmini.


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