When brainwave entrainment is used in abuse victim therapy it is often reported that associated sleeping disorders are more easily overcome than when not utilized.

The DAVID Delight Pro with CES by Mind Alive is the light and sound machine many of my clients purchase for enhancing their professional therapeutic treatment. Here is one email I received from a client that reflects why:

“I just wanted to tell you how nice the David Pro is. I used it to sleep yesterday and I slept like a baby. I’m in court since 6 years now because I was raped by my adoptive father when I was younger and I never found good sleep since. It takes hours and often I need pills (seroquel). Now everything changed! Usually it takes hours for me to wake up (the reason why I work in the afternoon/evening) and I woke up by myself at 5 am refreshed. After breakfast, I used the energy and the good mood on David Pro. After, I had the energy that we have during the day when we are really awake. I really want to thank you for this product.”
If you are a victim of abuse and are seeking relief from sleepness nights please consider a light and sound mind machine as an adjunctive modality in your quest for a sense of release.

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