Belizean Visualization


We all have an idea about what AVS session is our favorite. For me, it was finding a way of re-creating the Belizean attitude into a light and sound session. Their music, the people, their friendliness, the colorful variety of animal and marine life, the sound of the Caribbean ocean would make one of the most outrageous mind machine sessions ever. Their environmental stimulation appears to adhere into one ‘Schumann Resonance-type’ frequency that takes human-consciousness into off-set brainwave frequencies that only experiencing these stimuli could remotely begin to describe.



Belize Barrior Reef 3









Life is relaxed, there is no pretense, no bullying, no shaming, just kindness. The attitude of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye is what makes me keep coming back. It is so unlike the attitude of Los Angeles where many are of the belief that material bullshit defines who you are.

Being from Los Angeles I’ve watched the region evolve, and today it can be a high-energy place with variation being the norm, and that is why it’s fun to introduce Angelenos to light and sound. Seems everyone could use this type of brainwave-altering entrainment tool – often!


I use a light and sound machine on a semi-regular basis, and when I do, oftentimes I visualize Ambergris Caye, a small island a few miles off the Belizean coast. I picture myself sitting on the rooftop balcony, looking out at the waves as they break over the Belizean Barrier Reef; only the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is bigger, less than ½ mile from where I’m sitting. I smell the fresh air, the sound of birds, the warmth of the sun, the sensation of all things good.



fb image









This visualization, compliments of my DAVID Delight Plus mind machine, brings me back to that instant relaxation in sync with party atmosphere feelings of Ambergris Caye, of paradise – produced by nature and wonderful people who understand the joy of wholesome beauty. I wanted the right mix of frequencies and with the DAVID, I also got the Session Editor software. That enabled me to design frequencies into a session, download it into my Delight Plus unit, and experiment re-designing sessions till I got it what felt right to me.


I guess you can say that’s my happy place. We all have those little corners in our mind where we can go and just plain chill. The Delight Plus by Mindalive guides me to mine. If you’d enjoy accessing your happy state of mind faster, with the effects of your visualization session lasting longer, try a mind machine session and allow yourself to be guided to yours.


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