Being uncomfortable with our feelings during meditation
Sometimes while meditating we become uncomfortable with feelings that surface into our consciousness. Such feelings encompass emotional or mental thoughts or physical sensations.

As we meditate we become less focused on what’s going on around us and are more inwardly aware, including subconscious feelings that have been just below our conscious threshold.
Just go with these feelings and resist the temptation to stop your meditation exercise. Yes these feelings can make meditation a struggle but do not give in to them. Our mental, emotional and physical sensations continuously fade in and out. It is mind’s natural flow. Let them pass. As you become aware of the sensations simply allow them to be consciously present. Do not dwell on them or try to push them out. It is okay to be aware of the emotion, to notice where in the body the feelings exist, and allow your awareness of these sensations to be emotionally present. The emotion should diminish. As the sensation and emotion diminishes, let go of the emotion your mind is trying to define.  There are times that during meditation things can arise that are emotionally very difficult to deal with. It could be a repressed memory from the past or the need to modify a personal behavior pattern. For times like this you may find getting outside help beneficial.

A very popular and highly effective method for dealing with difficult emotions or feelings is to use the DAVID Delight Plus meditation trainer. Allow the photostimulating frequencies a couple of minutes to interact with your mind’s brainwaves and suddenly you realize the internal chatter has stopped, your mind is quiet and is in listening mode. In this very deep, timeless state, your mind has begun to repair itself through the process referred to as photo-disentrainment.

The DAVID Delight Plus acts as a personal meditation trainer that gently enables your mind to let go and receive the full beneficial effects of attaining deep meditative states.


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