Being Forgetful


I have CRS. My wife believes I just have selective hearing, but seriously, if I don’t write down what it is I’m supposed to remember more often than not I forget. Of course there are times I forget to write down what I’m supposed to remember. But that’s CRS for you!

Losing your short-term memory ability?

Losing your short-term memory ability?


Oh yes, I forgot to say what CRS is. ‘CRS stands for Can’t Remember Stuff’. Could be anything, like remembering a good joke, forgetting what a screwdriver is called and ending up calling it a thingamajig, or what we ate last night for dinner. There’s a million of ‘em.


So when I’m close to a pen and paper, I’m able to keep track of my ‘gotta remember’ list. Not around pen and paper? Then I’ll need reminding. What I do find amusing is my wife rarely remembers what some of her website passwords are, so she asks me. We sure have a good chuckle when that happens!


CRS has kind of crept up on me as I’ve gotten older. I never had a concussion or brain injury, its just my memory is not as sharp as it once was. So I have begun to concentrate on ways to improve my memory skills.


I have begun to train my brainwaves to remain focused longer by using a DAVID Delight by Mind Alive for my primary goals: concentrating on assimilating new information to memory, being aware of my breathing and level of relaxation, and improving my quality of sleep.


The DAVID Delight Light and Sound Mind Machine for Memory Improvement.


I used my DAVID Delight three to fives times a week for the first month and I noticed actual improvement. I was aware of having better listening ability, less brain chatter and thought-drifting on my part, I was less tense because I felt more confident that I am remembering and as for sleep… I began to fall asleep faster and wake up downright refreshed – not groggy.


The DAVID Delight has impacted my life in a positive way. I wanted to improve my ability to remember short-term things and now it happens without need for pen and paper.


The DAVID Delight light and sound mind machine by Mind Alive is available through – Your Relaxation Superstore.



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