Athletic Competition & Mind Machines


Athletes use mind machines to gain a mental edge for sports competition. Different mind machine programs enable athletes to sharpen their focus and stay focused on their performance, other programs help transition their biological clock to be at peak performance level at the time of the competition regardless of the time zone or geographical location, alleviating the symptoms of jet-lag. Other mind machine programs are designed for heightened visualization and creativity, clearing mind-chatter, learning relaxation and inducing sleep.


Starting with the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta until her passing after the London Olympic Games, the late Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommers instructed pre-Olympians and Olympians brainwave focus training as part of their athletic workout. Over 50 of her students have won Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the United States.


The same approach could help you elevate your performance level. The DAVID Delight Plus by Mind Alive, Inc. is used by athletes worldwide for raising their peak performance levels. The Delight Plus, with both Viewhole and Multi-color eyesets and Session Editor software will give you that mental edge over your competition.


DAVID Delight Plus


Mind machines are perfectly legal for competitive athletes to heighten their mental, emotional and physical abilities for peak sports performance. Experience what a clear, focused mind can do for your training and competitive schedule. Use the DAVID Delight Plus!


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