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The ALLcolor Visual System pictured is on sale for $179. Price includes domestic USPS Priority Mail. This ACVS has been gently used (no marks or scratches) and is in perfect operating condition.


ACVS Console & RGB Lightframes

ACVS Console & RGB Lightframes


The ALLcolor Visual System is designed to be used as a stand-alone unit for creating a specific constant color for Color Therapy or with audio/visual stimulation (AVS) machines (also referred to as light and sound mind machines) for pulsed light stimulation (AVS models like the DAVID Paradise and MindGear PR2-X).






ACVS lightframes can generate 256 different colors, along with a wide variety of hues, for over 4,000 different shades and blends of color. ACVS lightframes give you the ability to choose from a wide variety of colors when doing color therapy or using your AVS / light and sound instrument, greatly enhancing your light and sound or light-only session experiences.





The ACVS is a cost-effective way to achieve a particular color choice quickly and easily. The result is a more enriching color experience that maximizes the potential of either an AVS / light and sound or color-only session. ALLcolor lightframes are assembled with a lengthy cord that is connected to the hand-sized color-control console. This console has analog slide controls (for red, green, blue and brightness) for both the left and right fields of vision, enabling the user to choose stereo stimulation (different colors for each eye) or mono stimulation (one color for both eyes). The stimulation can be pulsed for light and sound sessions (Test / Run switch set to “Run”) or constant for color therapy sessions (Test / Run switch set to “Test”). The ALLcolor control console comes equipped with its own ac adapter and acts as a stand-alone unit for color therapy. For AVS / light and sound sessions, a stereo patch cord (included) can be connected to either “Signal” (input) port of the color control console and the user’s lightframes port on their AVS / light and sound instrument.

The lightframes contain 1 RGB (red/green/blue) LEDchip on each eye (left and right). The light intensity (at maximum) is 30% brighter than any other AVS lightframe on the market, so be sure to set the intensity at a comfortable level at the beginning of each session. The lights operate at a 33% duty cycle (high frequency square wave).

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