Airports & Travel


I enjoy traveling but I do not look forward to going to the airport. I usually fly out of Los Angeles International, LAX for short, although there is nothing lax about it. Must always get there early so we can wait. Oh well, these days it could be a lot worse.  It is the kind of place where you could use a stress management guide.

I really don’t mind going through the security checkpoints, just a fact of life these days. Fortunately we have that fast pass / pre check that makes things a bit easier. Then it’s finding a place by the gate to wait. And wait. People watching can be entertaining, especially the stressed, the intoxicated and/or the families with little kids having conniptions.

Once boarded and all the rigmarole is finished I look forward to the take-offs. Kind of a rush. After that comes finding something to stay occupied with for a few hours. In-flight movies can be entertaining, working on the computer gets old after a while, there’s always gazing out the window. Best to pack a mind machine on my carry-on.

There are several reasons why I always bring my light and sound system on flights.  It can help you sleep on a plane of at home.  For more information about insomnia I recommend you take a look at this article: Beating the Demon of Insomnia.

Foremost is the fact that entraining my brainwaves to relax helps immensely when having to sit in a confined position for several hours. Relaxing my mind, accessing deep alpha and theta mind states, actually relaxes me mentally, emotionally and physically. Being totally relaxed is a great way to fly. Crying babies? Overly-active little kids? Obnoxious adults? Meh…


My mind machine’s headphones block out the noise, the lightframes block out the passengers and the audio/visual frequency stimulation coupled with my favorite playlist takes me on an inner-experience of complete R&R. When I’m traveling with a companion I always pack the extra user package so we both can enjoy a mind machine session simultaneously.

My mind machine of choice is the DAVID Delight Plus by Mind Alive, Inc. Their headphones are excellent, their multi-color lightframes produce incredible visual effects, and the built-in sessions are very effective.


So the next time you find yourself buying an airline ticket, spend a few dollars extra for a mind machine of your own. It takes the stress out of airports and travel.


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