Being aggravated about something is not something any of us needs. Whether it is from something you did, something someone else did or an inanimate object caused it, getting aggravated throws our whole focus and ability to concentrate right out the window. It can lead to anger, saying things to others we regret or breaking that inanimate object that did absolutely nothing except not performing the way we expected.


So our blood pressure rises, our patience disappears and we become frustrated. So we take a deep breath, hold, then let it out slowly. But the thought of what happened can still linger in the back of our mind. What to do?

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Its times like this a brainwave entrainment session with a mind machine can come in handy. Perhaps a 15 minute alpha session, perhaps longer. And it really doesn’t matter which light and sound machine you use as long as you choose a relaxation session. Your mind relaxes, your thoughts change from negativity to neutral, and within just a few minutes you go from consternation to enjoying positive thoughts. You realize the aggravation was then, and this is now. Its passed and you are over it.

Its that simple.


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