A Light & Sound Dealer’s Responsibility: “Helping Professionals”

“Approximately three years ago, I heard from various sources that Biofeedback was changing
dramatically, especially in the Light/Sound arena. After researching this not so known and/
or visible application of Neurotechnology, I spoke with Michael Landgraf of MindMachines.
com, a company in Granada Hills, California. I had no idea of what that contact would bring.
Michael educated me in that he patiently explained the potential of L/S, and advised me as to
what equipment would best work for me were I to decide to add Biofeedback to my practice.
Based upon Michael’s uncanny knowledge of L/S and its applications and his exceptional perceptiveness,
I ordered my first equipment from him. How that affected my practice and those
who began to apply this technology would require more than this epistle to define adequately.
In short, Biofeedback became the modus operandi for my business. When seemingly all of the
options ran out for certain disorders/disabilities, the application of Biofeedback, amazingly,
gave new life to a few very severe conditions. Anxiety disorders, pain management, certain
compulsive behaviors no longer had a dead end at the Pharmacy. Biofeedback opened a whole
new approach to the management of such dilemma. So much that the results attained are so remarkable
that it lends the question of credulity. Unjustly so. Light/Sound works. And the results
are long lasting and in most cases permanent. (Anyone wishing to discuss or explore some of
the achievements attained as a result of Biofeedback by my clients may call me or email me.)
Beyond doubt, those who became whole as a result of this technology, should certainly thank
Michael Landgraf and not just me. Michael convinced me to take a step that has affected lives
that were once hopelessly enmeshed in the never ending tail chasing that seems to follow
conventional medicine. For that, we all thank him and will continue to seek his expertise and
knowledge as long as he is able and willing to provide it. Thanks Michael.”
Richard Bennett, Ph.D.
The Biofeedback Resource Center