R.I.P. David McLaughlin


David McLaughlin was well known in the light and sound mind machine community. Having worked with the late Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D. in Scottsdale, Arizona for years, then later taking his knowledge of brainwave entrainment to Egypt and for the last few years Mexico City. It was in Mexico where David did his greatest work, helping women empower themselves who before had little to no self-esteem. David McLaughlin was a leader in his use of mindmachines and his absence will be greatly missed by many.

For me, one of the most fascinating examples of David’s ability in utilizing light and sound brainwave equipment was what he called the “Principle of Thwack”. That name he gave it was hilarious and yet extremely defining. His approach to helping those in need through this principle improved the lives of many. In my book “Mind States: An Introduction to Light and Sound Technology” you can read about David’s principle and exactly what it’s purpose is.

Before his death, David visited his sister in Santa Barbara, California. It was here that the following four 30 second videos were taken. They illustrate how witty and insightful David McLaughlin could be.

Dave M

Dave M 1

Dave M 2

Dave M 3