Introducing the pROSHI

This is the first article in our series about the pROSHI Neurodynamic Activator

We are excited at to be offering the pROSHI (personal ROSHI) photostimulation disentrainment device. The pROSHI is unique in the world of mind machines and is nothing like a typical light and sound machine. In fact, it is NOT a light and sound machine at all. The pROSHI is a Neurodynamic Activator™ and is in a class all its own. Standard light and sound machines run preprogrammed patterns of sound and light at specifc frequencies or frequency ranges to elicit the Frequency Following Response (FFR) in order to achieve a desired brainwave state. The pROSHI approach is radically different…

pROSHI Neurofeedback device


From the pROSHI manufacturer:
“By sending specially calibrated flickering light through the eyes and into the brain, pROSHI In-Sight Glasses help “DisEntrain” the mind, freeing it from its unhealthy cyclical patterns. The brain attain a meditative “normalized” state in which it becomes totally at rest …yet attentive at the same time—similar to the brain of a Zen Master. This helps put you “In the Zone”—whether you are an Athlete, Businessperson, Doctor, Bricklayer or simply a human being trying to cope with the pains and stresses of life.

pROSHI and Glasses

pROSHI and Glasses

The longer technical term for the above process is Vector Equilibrium Error DisEntrainment Photostimulation (VEEDP). Here’s how it works: The lights in pROSHI In-Sight glasses create an LED and MagStim flicker, driven by a Dynamic Vector Equilibruim algorithm, contained within the NeuroDynamic Activator®. This presents the brain with a complex set of phase instructions that it must accurately follow, in order to correct its own internal phase vector errors—true linear to non-linear transformation, in real-time. It is with this unique method that the brain performs its own neurofeedback duties, without any outside human intervention.

A decrease in dynamic phase error is the result. And that is exactly the outcome we seek. It is in these “quieter” EEG moments that the brain “corrects” itself. This Dynamic Self Organization (DSO) is the hallmark of NeuroFeedback systems, and will be at the vanguard of self-healing in future. “

pROSHI Glasses

pROSHI Glasses

I would describe the pROSHI as a visual “digital mantra” generator. A mantra is a phrase that is repeated by the meditator during meditation. It is not a recorded phrase played over and over, but rather repeated by the user over and over which means there are slight variations upon each utterance of the mantra. Unlike any other electronic device the pROSHI successfully emulates this tact. The pROSHI does not simply playback a specific session, rather it runs a program that creates a digital artificial visual mantra that contains organic variations. It is a “one-trick-pony” for sure, but it is one heck of a trick! That is the biggest strength of the pROSHI. It does one thing and does it very well. Rather than focusing on many mind states like a light and sound machine does, the pROSHI creates a deep meditative state ONLY and it does it quickly and easily. The second strength of the pROSHI is the SIMPLICITY FACTOR. It is an extremely simple device to use. There are only 3 very easy steps to follow to use it!

1.) Put on the glasses
2.) Turn on the power
3.) Close your eyes and adjust the brightness


Chuck Davis - Inventor of pROSHI

I have to admit upon first inspecting the machine I was skeptical because of the lack of sessions, sound, buttons and display screen. But after only a few minutes of using the device I was very impressed. The pROSHI is the fastest and easiest way to enter the “no time state” I have ever experienced. The “no-time state” is characterized by a lack of awareness of the passing of time. For example, what seemed like only 5 minutes was actually an hour or vice versa. I can tell you that when making note of the time before getting using the pROSHI my guess of how much time has passed when I take it off has always been wrong.

This is a pretty serious accomplishment for a mind machine.


  • If you are interested in experiencing a state of deep meditation – in very short order – then the pROSHI is for you.
  • If you desire to experience timelessness and “the no-time state of mind” – the pROSHI is what you need.
  • If you want the most simple mind machine that there is for achieving a deep meditatative state with no effort – get the pROSHI.
  • If you want one of the most powerful Neurofeedback devices that is used by professional clinicians worldwide – you guessed it, the pROSHI.

In addition to a variety of light glasses the pROSHI also includes a pair of MAGSTIM (electromagnetic stimulation) glasses. Look for a new post at by me that goes in-depth regarding them in the future.

The pROSH can support either 2 users at once (with independent brightness control for each user) or 1 pair of light glasses + 1 pair of MAGSTIM glasses!

Previously pROSHI has only been available for use and sale from clinicians. is proud to offer the pROSHI Neurodynamic activator!

You can order the pROSHI here: pROSHI Neurodynamic Activator