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Customer Service is taken to the EXTREME at Landgraf Enterprises LLC.  We care immensely about your satisfaction!  Look at the testimonials below.  Our clients include people from all walks of life as well as many professionals and government agencies.

“Thank you Michael. GREAT SERVICE! I will recommend you around!”Ariane

“Thanks Mike! Such a prompt reply and we really appreciate working with you. We will offer to be your testing market if you need be..LOL.  I really want to do regular meditation classes here. Having all color would be an exceptional experience for that!”-Lynne

Approximately three years ago, I heard from various sources that Biofeedback was changing dramatically, especially in the Light/Sound arena.  After
researching this not so known and/or visible application of Neurotechnology, I spoke with Michael Landgraf of MindMachines.com, a company in Granada Hills, California. I had no idea of what that contact would bring. Michael educated me in that he patiently explained the potential of L/S, and advised me as to what equipment would best work for me were I to decide to add Biofeedback to my practice.  Based upon Michael’s uncanny knowledge of  L/S and its applications and his exceptional perceptiveness, I ordered my first equipment from him. How that affected my practice and those who began to apply this technology would require more than this epistle to define adequately.  In short, Biofeedback became the modus operandi for my business.  When seemingly all of the options ran out for certain disorders/disabilities, the application of Biofeedback, amazingly, gave  new
life to a few very severe conditions.  Anxiety disorders, pain management, certain compulsive behaviors no longer had a dead end at the Pharmacy.
Biofeedback opened a whole new approach to the management of such dilemma.  So much that the results attained are so remarkable that it lends the
question of credulity.  Unjustly so.  Light/Sound works.  And the results are long lasting and in most cases permanent.  (Anyone wishing to discuss or
explore some of the achievements attained as a result of Biofeedback by my clients may call me or email me.)

Beyond doubt, those who became whole as a result of this technology, should certainly thank Michael Landgraf and not just me.  Michael convinced me to
take a step that has affected lives that were once hopelessly enmeshed in the never ending tail chasing that seems to follow conventional medicine.  For
that, we all thank him and will continue to seek his expertise and knowledge as long as he is able and willing to provide it.  Thanks Michael.-Richard Bennett PhD

“Sounds great! I have to say that I’m very impressed with your company.  Not only have you shown knowledgability regarding my outdated hardware, but I got a response to an email on a Sunday (which is unheard of) and the product I ordered looks like it’ll get to me in less than a week. I’m definitely recommending your website to friends and I look forward to doing further business with you in the coming months.” –A. Richards

I find this whole experience much out of the ordinary in the way of service.  It is rare, and I want to tell you that because I appreciate it so much and I will not forget it.  Thank you again-M. Moore

As a customer I appreciate — and as an information marketer I admire and intend to emulate — such nice follow-up.  All the best,  David

Michael – Thank you so much!!!!  You have made my day…. It’s going to be so good to get those wonderful glasses back in use. Cheers Woody

Michael,  I can’t say quite how much I appreciate your generosity and assistance.  It’s not every day that someone I don’t know knocks me on my butt with such  a kind gesture. Thanks!  – Christian

Hi Michael, It is very kind and generous of you to be thinking of your customer in this way. Please be assured that I shall treasure both the lightframes and the adapter. My thanks, Dafydd.

Just to let you know that the Welz Chi Generator arrived safely today. I’m pretty surprised just how powerful the energising effect seems to me. Wow! Once again, I thank you for your excellent service – David

Thank you! This has been absolutely amazing customer service, and there’s too little of that around today.You have been absolutely wonderful, and having it shipped from PA instead of CA was above and beyond the call of duty. Your price was also the best I found by at least $100. Feel free to print this as a testimonial to a terrific shopping experience (and I NEVER do this!) – Siobhan Kelly

Los Angeles Police Department- Behavioral Science Services Division
Biofeedback Department- Northridge Hospital
LauraRiggs – Braille Institute
Library Services – Braille Institute
Steven Brager- ResourceSpecialis  LA Unified School District
APLA – Our House Residential Facility
Bob Thomas – LA Parenting Institute
Kansas City Phoenix Center
Lisa from Mercury Records
L. Jerry Cunningham PhD
Mark Deitch
Rainbow Recovery Unlimited
Richard Hunsucker
Rob Giovino
Testimony form LA County Sheriffs Deputy
Todd Baxter
Darby Hewitt
Trent Thomas
Barbara Goldstein
Celine Maciejewski
Chuck Attaway
Morgan Hayes
Steve Ward