Neuro Programmer 3 ULTIMATE

Neuro-Programmer 3 is a flexible but easy to use software application for stimulating the brain, improving your mental abilities and achieving lasting personal change. Using this tool, you control your mind.


Take control of your mind

Imagine if you could rewire your brain to connect situations and mental states in a way that you choose. We’re not saying the process is instant, but NP3 makes it possible. Research has revealed the brain wave states where applied psychological techniques such as suggestions, affirmations or hypnotic scripts can be most effective. Using brainwave entrainment, NP3 can guide your mind to a receptive mental state, at which point the program uses your choice of those techniques.

When combined with the right neural stimulation, these techniques can bypass mental and emotional barriers that would normally make the mind resistant to change, making it much more likely that affirmations or suggestions will be effective. This is what we call self-programming, and using it can allow you to you control your own mind and life in a unique and powerful way.

The Mission

Neuro-Programmer 3 (NP3) is on the cutting edge of mind technology; implementing both old and new techniques to affect the mind much like an engineer would program a computer. NP3 implements the methods of psychologists, EEG neurofeedback and biofeedback researchers, neuroscientists, hypnotherapists, meditators and more. One aspect of the Neuro-Programmer that makes it unique is that it targets specific brainwave patterns which have been shown to make the mind more receptive to psychological change.

Everybody has internal problems. The vast majority of people live their entire lives in a constant battle with their own mind and their own behaviors. Many of these problems are so deeply rooted they have existed since childhood. Most people have simply come to accept their limitations or unwanted personality traits.

Using NP3, you no longer have to accept your limitations.

The Technology

The Neuro-Programmer system can be grouped into 2 main categories: the psychological and the neurological. Mental problems often require a combination of solutions. The features of NP3 recognize the complexity of the brain and give you all the tools needed to produce real, dramatic changes in your life.

The Neurological

Using specially structured light and sound techniques, NP3 is able to affect the mind directly using a neural process known as brainwave entrainment. Brainwave patterns represent the electrical activity of the brain. By stimulating and thereby changing this activity, NP3 can drive you to altered states of consciousness (beta, alpha, theta and delta) conducive to your goals. For example, NP3 can be used to guide your mind to relaxed and receptive brainwave synchronization, increasing the effectiveness of psychological techniques. From there the possibilities are endless: use recorded suggestions, affirmations, verbal guidance, hypnosis scripts, or enhance your ability to use visualization and mental imagery techniques.

Additionally, brainwave stimulation alone can influence your mental state in a wide variety of positive ways. There are over 120 brain wave stimulating audio/visual (light and sound) sessions available in NP3, covering numerous applications and benefits. One common use of NP3 is to help increase concentration, focus and memory – which may be helpful for students or people suffering from attention problems, for example. By stimulating other mental activity, it can also be used for relaxation, meditation and sleep.


The Psychological

The subconscious mind has tremendous influence over how we react to the world. Desires, fears, habits, personality traits – they all come from associations contained in your subconscious mind. Instead of working against you in a constant battle with your willpower, what if your subconscious associations worked to make you the person you want to be? A person that matches the way you see yourself, without the bad habits, emotional reactions and fears that block your progress.

Many of the most effective and time-tested psychological techniques have been compiled into NP3 in order to help change the behaviors, emotional reactions and limiting beliefs that negatively impact our daily lives. Using NP3, you can turn these mental patterns around and use them to your advantage, by using brainwave stimulation to increase your receptivity to suggestion and hypnosis, or enhancing visualization and mental imagery techniques.

After using NP3 for a short period, you may notice a major difference in your psychological makeup. Fears and emotional reactions you have had all your life may disappear. You are ready for a change – let NP3 help make the change real.

The Benefits

Long-lasting benefits

Using brainwave stimulation and dynamic psychological techniques, the Neuro-Programmer enables you to achieve profound and lasting results.

Change your thought patterns and behaviors

Self-Programming: Using focused psychological techniques, combined with the methods of hypnosis and other fields, the Neuro-Programmer 3 can help you make real and lasting changes to emotional reactions, bad habits, behaviors, thought patterns and more. 

  • Rid yourself of bad habits
  • Rid yourself of limiting beliefs and destructive thought patterns
  • Change emotional reactions
  • Access helpful mental states (beta, alpha, theta and delta) on demand
  • Explore self-hypnosis & visualization techniques

Cognition / Attention / Focus: A growing body of research is showing that brainwave stimulation can be an incredibly effective tool to promote attention and focus. 

Addiction: A promising way to end an addiction is to provide the neurological groundwork for an addiction-free life. This is exactly what NP3 does. Brainwave training and neurotherapy are well tested with smokers and addicts of other substances.

Anxiety Relief: Using NP3 alone is a very relaxing, pleasurable experience – but it also comes with specific sessions meant to reduce anxiety and may even help reduce the severity and frequency of anxiety in the future.

Emotional Stability / Mood Support: Decades of EEG and neurofeedback research have revealed specific brainwave patterns characteristic of negative moods and overly emotional mental states. Based on this, brainwave entrainment sessions have been developed and recent research is showing it to be a very promising aide in this area.

Improve your abilities

Improve Cognition: Based on over 40 years of research, the cognition tools available in NP3 are the most comprehensive of their kind for human enhancement, evoked potential, event-related potential and ongoing brain activity.

Study help: NP3 comes with number of sessions designed to optimize the brain for studying, reducing frustration or performing tasks that can benefit from increased cognitive functioning. Users consistently report being more productive, learning faster and making less errors while using NP3.

Creativity: NP3 comes with unique sessions designed to encourage creative thinking, brain storming and out-of-the-box thinking. 

Sports / Athletic Performance: Learn to access the “zone” state on demand and use practical psychological techniques developed by coaches and sports psychologists. Using NP3 you will have access to methods used successfully by professional athletes and performers for decades.

Manage your day to day life

Motivation / Energy: NP3 includes incredibly effective tools to energize you and help motivate you in your daily life.

Headache relief: Many types of headaches, from migraines to muscle contraction headaches, can be reduced or relieved using brainwave stimulation.

“Wake Up” session: Used by thousands of people as a caffeine replacement, NP3 includes a very effective tool to speed up your brainwaves in the morning or whenever you feel you need a recharge.

Sleep Induction (Headphone-Free!): NP3 includes the most effective brainwave-based sleep induction tools yet developed. The sessions can be used completely free of headphones, giving you all the freedom of movement you need. Let NP3 guide your mind gently down to a deep, healthy sleep.

Aches & Pains Relief: Recent studies have indicated the usefulness of brainwave stimulation in relieving persistent aches and pains. A number of sessions are included in NP3 for these purposes, and have so far yielded very promising results.

Stress Reduction: Nearly all users of NP3 report large reductions in stress. NP3 comes with specific sessions designed for stress and anxiety, based on protocols drawn directly from successful clinical studies. 

Promote health and relaxation

Reduce Blood Pressure (Hypertension): A reduction in stress will naturally have a positive effect on your blood pressure by causing your blood vessels to dilate, but there are even more direct ways NP3 can reduce hypertension. In one study brainwave stimulation beat out traditional medical treatments over an 8 week period. 

Deep Meditation: Meditation has been proven to be immensely healthy and is widely accepted by the medical and psychological communities as one of the best ways to increase your health, mental outlook and general well being. Using NP3 can be likened to a form of “high tech” meditation, where audio and visual patterns are used to guide your mind to the relaxed, focused state experienced during meditation.


The Features

  Over 120 high quality, customizable Audio/Visual Sessions

There is a session for everyone in NP3, and every session is customizable. You can add your own background sounds, music, specify the tone, pitch, control AudioStrobe brightness and much more – all at the touch of a button. And, if you have the Ultimate edition, you can edit sessions or create your own completely original brainwave protocols.

 Powerful Hypnosis Script Creator

NP3 software downloadable off the internet at mindmachines includes a powerful feature that allows you to add and arrange soundtracks on a timeline, making it very easy to provide verbal guidance, inductions and instructions.

Also, you can easily add effects such as reverberation, echo, or pitch and tempo changes.

NP3 can even be used to make more complex hypnotic scripts such as dual inductions. Scripts that before took months to create with traditional tools now only take minutes with NP3.

 Microphone Recording & Text-To-Speech tools, with Noise Reduction!

Record your own affirmations, suggestions or hypnosis scripts. The noise reduction features make even the cheapest microphone sound like a professional recording studio. If you don’t prefer the sound of your own voice, use the Text-To-Speech features!

 Create Your Own Audio/Visual Sessions

Create sessions using NP3’s powerful session editor. The program allows unlimited audio tracks and implements the latest in brainwave training research. You have the freedom to use traditional methods such as binaural beats, but can also use more modern entrainment methods proven in clinical studies to produce the greatest neural response. Add background sounds, music, noise, generate tones and even use NP3 to control AudioStrobe-compatible Mind Machines if you own one.

DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE HERE:  When you purchase we will send you the activation key in 24 hours or less!

  • Over 120 High Quality Audio/Visual Sessions
  • Ability to export any session to MP3, OGG or WAV
  • Microphone Recording & Text-To-Speech Tools
  • Hypnosis Scripts and Editing Tools (including Dual Induction!)
  • Create your own sessions (ultimate version only)
  • Built-In selection of Affirmations / Suggestions / Sound Files and Scripts
  • Connect to AudioStrobe devices
  • Use Biofeedback to optimize neural stimulation
  • Extensive 200+ page documentation (digital help file)

Ultimate edition includes session editing / creation tools and session templates

NP3 includes over 120 top quality Audio/Visual Sessions, with many more available in the Member’s Area after purchase.

Over 70 years of brainwave research have provided amazing insights into how different people respond to audio/visual stimulation. What relaxes one person into an astonishingly deep trance may only lightly relax the next person. The sessions in NP3 are each designed for specific personalities, preferences and goals. But don’t worry, there is a questionnaire included to help you choose the session that will fit you best.

Keep in mind that every session is 100% customizable. Suppose you wanted to change the pitch of the tones in a session – perhaps you prefer something deeper. Easy enough, it can be adjusted in the session options at the click of a button. Suppose you don’t like the background sounds, you can either choose one from the list of high quality backgrounds included, or choose your own from anywhere on your hard drive (nearly any sound file can be used: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, etc).

With Ultimate edition of NP3, you can also edit any session in the session editor.

Session List:


Addiction & Dependency Reduction (Dissociative)

Addiction & Dependency Reduction (Variable Onset)

Addiction & Dependency Reduction

Screen Visualization For Addiction



Anxiety Reduction (Dissociative)

Anxiety Reduction

Performance Anxiety

Screen Visualization For Anxiety

Stress Relief (Dissociative)

Stress Relief


Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance Anxiety

Performance Enhancer (Dissociative)

Performance Enhancer

Post-Workout Recovery

Pre-Exercise Focus Session

Screen Visualization For Pre-Exercise Focus


Cognition – Attention

Attention & Hyperactivity Help

Brainstorming & Idea Generation

Improving Cognition

Intense Mental Workout

Mental Workout

Out-Of-The-Box Thinking


Energy – Motivation


Gamma Energizer


Screen Visualization For Energy & Motivation

Wake Up! (Caffeine Replacement)


General Brainwaves

Alpha Session

Beta Session

Delta Session (No Ramp)

Delta Session

Gamma Session

SMR Session

Sub-Delta (No Ramp)

Theta Session


Headaches – Migraines

Migraine Relief

Muscle Contraction Headache Relief (Audio)

Muscle Contraction Headache Relief

Screen Visualization For Headaches


Healing – Well Being

Chronic Aches & Pains Relief (Dissociative)

Chronic Aches & Pains Relief

Healing & Recovery

Healthy Blood Pressure

Immune System Support


Meditation – Relaxation

10 Minute Relaxation Break (Alternating)

10 Minute Relaxation Break (Dissociative)

10 Minute Relaxation Break

15 Minute Relaxation Break (Alternating)

15 Minute Relaxation Break (Dissociative)

15 Minute Relaxation Break

7 Hz Meditation (Alternating Variable Onset)

7 Hz Meditation (Alternating)

7 Hz Meditation (Binaural Beats)

7 Hz Meditation (Dissociative)

7 Hz Meditation (Variable Onset)

7 Hz Meditation

Alpha Meditation (Alternating Variable Onset)

Alpha Meditation (Alternating)

Alpha Meditation (Dissociative)

Alpha Meditation (Variable Onset)

Alpha Meditation

Daydream Meditation (Alternating)

Daydream Meditation (Binaural Beats)

Daydream Meditation (Dissociative)

Daydream Meditation (Variable Onset)

Daydream Meditation

Deep Theta Meditation (Alternating)

Deep Theta Meditation (Binaural Beats)

Deep Theta Meditation (Dissociative)

Deep Theta Meditation (Variable Onset)

Deep Theta Meditation

Delta Meditation (Alternating)

Delta Meditation (Binaural Beats)

Delta Meditation (Dissociative)

Delta Meditation (Variable Onset)

Delta Meditation

Schumann Meditation (Alternating)

Schumann Meditation (Dissociative)

Schumann Meditation (Variable Onset)

Schumann Meditation

Screen Visualization For Meditation

Theta Meditation (Alternating Variable Onset)

Theta Meditation (Alternating)

Theta Meditation (Binaural Beats)

Theta Meditation (Dissociative)

Theta Meditation (Variable Onset)

Theta Meditation



Mood Elevator (Gamma)

Mood Support for Persistent Depression

Mood Support for SAD

Screen Visualization For Mood Enhancement



Alpha for Auto-Suggestion (Alternating)

Alpha for Auto-Suggestion (Dissociative)

Alpha for Auto-Suggestion (Variable Onset)

Alpha for Auto-Suggestion

Alpha for Visualization (Alternating)

Alpha for Visualization (Dissociative)

Alpha for Visualization (Variable Onset)

Alpha for Visualization

Screen Visualization For Self-Programming

Short Alpha (Alternating)

Short Alpha (Dissociative)

Short Alpha

Theta for Affirmations or Hypnosis (Alternating)

Theta for Affirmations or Hypnosis (Dissociative)

Theta for Affirmations or Hypnosis (Variable Onset)

Theta for Affirmations or Hypnosis


Sleep – Insomnia

Mental Training for Insomniacs

Mental Training for Insomniacs

Nighttime Aches & Pains (Dissociative)

Nighttime Aches & Pains

Sleep for Chattery Minds (Dissociative)

Sleep for Chattery Minds

Sleep Induction (Dissociative)

Sleep Induction


Studying – Learning

Focus for Complex Tasks

Focus for Creative Tasks

Learning with Audio Recordings

Post-Learning Memory Consolidation

Pre-Test Performance Anxiety

Screen Visualization For Focus

Study Focus