Motiv Aider

The MotivAider is an amazing behavior modification tool.. and an EXCEPTIONAL VALUE!


The MotivAider

The MotivAider makes changing habits easy

The MotivAider is an ingeniously simple electronic device that keeps your mind focused. Automatically!

The MotivAider was designed from scratch to enable people of all ages to change habits quickly, easily and privately.

Imagine Being in Control of Your Own Habits

An innovaton in self-improvement, the MotivAider is an amazingly easy-to-use tool that puts you in control of your own habits. It allows you to replace troublesome old habits with constructive new habits you choose.

The MotivAider has helped thousands of people around the world become more effective and successful. Used in industries that range from healthcare and education to business and sports, theMotivAider has an impressive two decade long track record of transforming good intentions into real life-improving action.

Guaranteed to Keep Your Mind Focused

The MotivAider works with your mind to make your mind work better.

By automatically keeping your mind focused, the MotivAider prevents your good intentions from getting lost in the shuffle. That means you’ll finally be able to follow through and benefit from the same knowledge, ability and motivation that you’ve been wasting.

It’s Easy to Use — Really!

The MotivAider looks like a pager and weighs less than three ounces. You simply clip it on your belt or waistband or carry it in a pocket. It works privately and automatically. It may be simple. But it really works!

The MotivAider communicates with you in a way that’s as private as a thought. It uses an adjustable silent pulsing vibration signal to capture your attention without disrupting your normal activities.


To use the MotivAider, here’s all you do:

  1. Choose a brief personal message — a word, phrase or image — that reminds and motivates you to change the habit you’ve decided to change.
  2. Connect your personal message to the MotivAider’s vibration so that whenever you feel the vibration, you’ll automatically think your message.
  3. Set the MotivAider to send you signals — and therefore your message — as often as necessary to keep you focused and on track until you’ve achieved your goal.

The MotivAider does the rest.

By automatically sending a steady stream of private reminders flowing through your mind, the MotivAider keeps your attention riveted on your self-improvement goal. It guarantees that your mind will stay focused on changing your habit until the desired change becomes second nature.

Use it to Make Virtually Any Desired Change

The MotivAider gives new meaning to the word “versatile.”

Because it corrects for a fundamental flaw in the way the mind normally treats good intentions, theMotivAider allows you to make improvements – both big and small — in virtually any area of your life.

The same simple tool will help you …

  • stick to a diet
  • improve your golf or tennis game
  • improve your job performance
  • try out a new outlook or attitude
  • stay focused at work
  • improve your image
  • make your relationships better
  • quit smoking
  • get organized
  • be a better partner
  • be a more effective parent
  • improve your communication skills
  • improve your posture
  • reduce stress
  • stop grinding your teeth
  • stop biting your fingernails
  • become a more comfortable and effective public speaker

It’s true! 

Using the MotivAider to Harness the Power of Focused Attention

The Power of focused attention

Experts agree that focused attention is a powerful ingredient in the recipe for personal effectiveness. Human history is filled with the inspiring achievements of people who were able to maintain a laser-sharp focus on their goals.When we bathe our priorities and intentions in focused attention, we empower them — we allow what matters most to us to drive what we do, think and feel. By the same token, when we fail to keep our attention focused on our priorities and intentions, we deprive ourselves of their positive influence. We stray from what matters most, and we suffer the consequences.

Controlling your attention is easier said than done

To make full use of your potential to achieve virtually any goal, you must be the master of your own attention. It’s not enough to simply put your attention where you want it. You have to be able to keep it there until the job is done.But just in case you haven’t noticed, controlling your own attention is a lot harder than it seems. That’s because the human mind is — to put it gently — a little mixed up. Despite its awesome ability to use focused attention as a powerful catalyst to transform goals into achievements, the mind is stuck with some awfully primitive leftover wiring that makes us far too easily distracted by things that don’t really matter.

Sure, we do our best to keep our attention focused on what matters most to us. But the truth is, our attention generally goes to the highest bidder — not to the most qualified bidder. As a result, we waste much of the potential that our priorities, intentions and goals have to enrich our lives.

Stay focused on virtually any goal … automatically!

The MotivAider essentially puts you at the controls of your own attention. It works simply, privately and automatically to enable you to harness the awesome power of focused attention.Once you’ve learned just how simply the MotivAider works, you may find it hard to believe that a device this simple will really make you more effective. But it will!

You see, the MotivAider doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be smart. And smart it is. It works in a very clever way. The MotivAider actually uses what’s wrong with the mind to make the mind work a whole lot better! It makes use of your mind’s excessive distractibility to keep your mind focused!

Simple? Yes. Ingeniously simple! The MotivAider is a truly remarkable tool that does exactly what it needs to do to keep you focused on achieving virtually any goal you set.

Q. What weighs less than three ounces, and automatically and privately helps kids change their own behavior?

A. The MotivAider®

The MotivAider is a tactile reminder device that keeps children focused so they can make desired changes in their behavior

It’s no wonder children often have so much trouble changing their own behavior. They may truly want to change troublesome habits that hamper learning and performance, threaten health, or interfere with socialization.

But wanting to change is not enough. To change, a child must be able to keep his or her attention focused on what to do and why to do it. Not an easy task for a young mind in a classroom – and a world – filled with distractions.

Keeping children focused

The MotivAider keeps children focused on the changes they want to make. And it does it automatically and privately while relieving teachers and parents of the need to “nag.”The MotivAider is easy for children to understand and use. It’s friendly and it makes sense to them. It helps children:

  • Break bad habits quickly
  • Easily build new habits
  • Practice new skills
  • Work on changes privately
  • Take pride in the changes they make

How the MotivAider works

The MotivAider works by periodically sending the child a private silent tactile reminder – the entire device gently vibrates. The adjustable pulsing vibration is used to privately convey a personal message, such as “It pays to pay attention,” or “Slow and steady wins the race,” that reminds and urges the child to make a desired change.

Because the message is stored in the child’s mind, the MotivAider works as privately as a thought.

It’s easy to prepare a child to use the MotivAider. Just …

  1. Help the child devise a personal message.
  2. Link the message to the vibration so that the child will automatically think the message whenever he or she feels the vibration.
  3. Set the MotivAider to deliver the vibration as often as desired – as often as once every few seconds.
  4. Once the child is behaving consistently in the new desired way, simply phase out the MotivAider.

How the MotivAider helps children with ADD, ADHD and other attention problems

The MotivAider works in a remarkably safe and simple way to help children with ADD, ADHD and other attention problems constructively focus their attention.

“We use [the MotivAider] to facilitate on-task behavior, social interaction skills and overall independence skills. …Your device has helped kids I directly supervise from Hawaii to the Middle East.” 
Jason Garner, Senior Managing Supervisor
Center for Autism and Related Disorders

Teachers and parents use the MotivAider, too

The MotivAider is not just for kids. Teachers use the MotivAider themselves to stay tuned-in to a particular teaching or therapeutic objective or method. And parents use the device to help them do the right thing consistently despite the powerful emotions and reflexive responses that can be so easily triggered by their child’s behavior.

Free Helper’s Guide

Included at no charge with MotivAider orders for teachers, therapists and parents is a copy of Helping Kids Change Their Own Behavior: The Helper’s Guide to the MotivAider Method. This concise guide provides teachers, therapists and parents with detailed instructions on how to help children use the MotivAider to achieve a wide range of goals.

Attention Health Care Professionals:
Now Your Patients Can Take You Home with Them!

Your patients/clients can’t benefit from your expert advice if they don’t follow it.

Just because your patients understand what you’ve asked them to do and they agree that it’s important to do it, doesn’t mean that they’ll actually follow through. The truth is, poor follow through can rob even your most motivated patients of the full benefit of your expertise.

Our of Sight, Out of Mind — What a Waste!

Your patients may truly intend to follow your recommendations. But when you’re not there to urge them to follow through, their good intentions can get hopelessly lost in the shuffle.

Imagine how much more effective you would be if only you could be with your patients all the time. Imagine how much better they would do if you were always with them to keep reminding them to follow whatever advice you give them?

Well, in a sense, the MotivAider allows you to do just that!

The MotivAider Keeps Your Advice on The Front Burner of Your Patient’s Mind

The MotivAider makes changing habits easyThe MotivAider enables patients to get the maximum benefit of your expertise by making certain that they’ll always remember to follow your advice.

Given that you can’t be with your patients all the time, why not let the MotivAiderkeep reminding them for you? It will automatically and privately keep your patients’ attention focused on following your advice. It can keep them tuned in to what they should do and/or why they should do it.

The MotivAider Makes It Easy for You To Achieve Better Outcomes

The MotivAider is easy for patients to use and requires no real training. You can sell, rent or recommend the device to your patients. The MotivAider requires no maintenance other than changing the AA battery every few months.

The bottom line: The MotivAider is a simple, tangible, inexpensive way to see to it that your patients get better results from the work you do on their behalf.

How the MotivAider® Helps Athletes Improve Their Performance

The MotivAider automatically keeps attention focused where it belongsThe MotivAider improves athletic performance by allowing athletes to control their own mental state.

The MotivAider automatically keeps the athlete’s attention riveted on virtually any chosen performance objective or goal. It can be used to keep the athlete focused on a particular thought, image, feeling, motive, or instruction.

In addition to enabling athletes to control their own mental state during physical practice or play, theMotivAider can be used to automatically prompt mental rehearsal throughout the day.

How it works

Harness the power of focused attentionThe MotivAider uses a private signal — an adjustable pulsing vibration — to periodically focus the athlete’s attention on virtually any chosen performance objective.

The signal, for example, might automatically remind the athlete to breathe slowly and deeply, swing smoothly, follow through, be aggressive, or even to imagine an appreciative home crowd.

The MotivAider keeps the athlete’s attention focused on just one performance objective at a time so that the deisred change quickly becomes second nature. Once it does, the athlete can move on to the next performance objective.

The MotivAider is Amazingly Easy to Use

To use the MotivAider, the athlete simply follows these steps:

  1. Assign a personal meaning or message to the MotivAider’s signal
  2. Set the MotivAider to send the signal — and therefore the message — as often as required to get the best results.

The MotivAider can be set to send signals as often as once every few seconds. It can even be set to send signals at random intervals.

The MotivAider enables athletes to:

  • Quickly and consistently implement changes in technique and mental state.
  • Single-mindedly focus on improving one aspect of performance at a time. Experiment with performance-enhancing techniques and mental strategies.
  • Increase “practice” by facilitating mental rehearsal throughout the day.
  • Neutralize mental and physical habits that interfere with good performance.
  • Control mental attitude and arousal to match the requirements of each performance situation.

Get Better Results From Your Training Programs

The MotivAider improves the effectivness of training programsAre you buying more training when what you really need is more follow through?

The failure of employees to consistently apply on the job what they’ve learned in training programs keeps businesses from getting the greatest possible return on their training investment.

Why not plug the leak before trying to fill the bucket again? Consider equipping employees with a tangible way to transform whatever they learn into real improvements in performance on the job.

Sound Familiar?

How many times have you seen it happen? Participants emerge from a training program energized and eager to apply what they’ve learned. They have nothing but praise for the training they’ve received. They’re excited. They’re motivated. But soon after they return to work, their good intentions get lost in the shuffle — casualties of a busy workplace, a busy world, and a busy mind.

Why is it so hard to make changes?

Harness the power of focused attentionContinuing to do things the old way is easy because it’s automatic. To do things the old way, you don’t have to pay much attention.

Doing things the new way is a different story. You have to be able to keep your attention sharply focused on the new way until doing things that way becomes a habit.

The problem is, despite its awesome capabilities, the human mind actually has no built-in mechanism for keeping our attention focused on making desired changes. So no matter how motivated your people are, if they’re not consistently remindedto do things the new way, they’ll keep doing things the old way. It’s as simple as that.

“Control of attention is the ultimate individual power. ”

David Brooks
Columnist, New York Times

MotivAider: The power to follow through!

The MotivAider makes training programs more effectiveThe MotivAider protects your investment in training by automatically, consistently, and privately reminding participants to do things the new way.

You can use the MotivAider to enhance the effectiveness of virtually any training program. The MotivAider stands to increase the return on your training investment by helping the people you train transform what they learn into tangible, durable changes in the way they do their jobs.

Self-Improvement. Delivered.

The MotivAider is a powerful and versatile tool for personal improvement. It works by automatically keeping your mind focused.

“Control of attention is the ultimate individual power. ”

David Brooks
Columnist, New York Times

You Can Use the MotivAider to …

Using the MotivAider to Achieve Career Goals

The MotivAider is a great (and silent!) business partner! It can AUTOMATICALLY keep you tuned-in to important goals and objectives that typically get lost in the shuffle of a busy mind and a busy workplace.

  • You can use it, for example, to periodically focus your attention on an important aspect of your work — like team-building — that often gets neglected when production deadlines approach.
  • You can use the MotivAider to make certain that what you actually do with your time and energy is in synch with your carefully considered priorities.
  • You can use it to make sure that you consistently relate to your customers, co-workers, supervisors or employees the way that you know you should.
  • You can also use the MotivAider to keep yourself motivated and on-track as you pursue those far-off business and career goals that will take lots of hard work to achieve.

And you can even use the MotivAider to reduce stress, or better yet, to privately improve your golf game without actually leaving the office!

Using the MotivAider to Improve Relationships

You probably already know of things you could do to be a better mate, a better parent, a better friend.

But in case you haven’t noticed, knowing what to do isn’t enough.

  • You may know that you need to talk less and listen more to your partner.
  • You may know that you should stop yelling so much at your kids.
  • You may know that a little praise goes a long way.But unless you can stay tuned-in to your good intentions, they’re bound to get lost in the shuffle. And if they do, what you know about how to improve your relationships won’t do you any good at all.The MotivAider makes certain that any relationship-improving intention you choose will automaticallystay on the front burner of your mind. The MotivAider, in other words, keeps you ready to do the right thing.Imagine no longer having to do the wrong thing in a relationship to remember what the right thing is!


Using the MotivAider to Improve Personal Image

Most of us care a great deal about the impression we make on others.

We realize that the way we speak, listen, smile, walk, sit, stand, use our hands and our eyes and our faces, all have an impact on what others think and feel about us.

The MotivAider lets you take the bull by the horns and create the impression you want.

Choose any mannerism you want to change – whether it’s a matter of breaking a bad habit or creating a new good habit – and the MotivAider will keep your mind zeroed-in on making the desired change.

Whether you’ve decided to make better eye contact; stop slouching; speak louder, faster or slower; be more expressive, reflective, or decisive; show more interest in what others are saying; be more (or less) animated; or speak more (or less) confidently, the MotivAider will AUTOMATICALLY keep reminding you to put the right foot forward.


Using the MotivAider to Break Bad Habits the Easy Way

If you bite your fingernails, grind your teeth, or slouch, you know that you usually stop engaging in the unwanted habit the instant you realize what you’re doing.

As long as you’re aware of what you’re doing, your fingers stay out of your mouth, your jaw stays relaxed, or you sit up straight. In other words, while the lights are on, you’re in control.

Unfortunately, however, the lights don’t stay on.

As soon as you stop paying attention to what you’re doing, the sneaky habit takes over again.

The key to breaking any unwanted habit is to find a way to KEEP the lights on.

The MotivAider is the perfect tool for breaking bad habits. By keeping the lights on automatically, theMotivAider lets you quickly eliminate even the most stubborn bad habits.

Using the MotivAider to Reduce Stress

There are lots of ways to reduce stress.

  • You could take a deep, slate-clearing breath every so often.
  • You could make a point of relaxing your neck and shoulder muscles.
  • You could stop sweating the small stuff.
  • You could say “No” to any optional demands when your plate is already full.
  • You could adopt more realistic standards.
  • You could steer clear of unnecessary conflict.

All these – and dozens of other – common sense stress-reduction strategies would work great if you actually used them.

The problem is, most people forget to use them.

The MotivAider helps you fight stress by automatically keeping the stress-reduction strategy of your choice on the front burner of your mind so that you’ll always remember to use it.

Using the MotivAider to Improve Health & Fitness

The MotivAider is the ideal tool for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

It can automatically encourage you to exercise, abide by necessary restrictions, follow good health practices, and build good health habits.

By PRIVATELY keeping you tuned-in to your most important personal reasons for improving or maintaining your health, the MotivAider can keep you motivated to do the things you know you really should do but would rather not do.


“MotivAiders have been given a whole new use in the world of yoga. Where we need to time postures without the jarring noise of a regular sports timer, the MotivAider is extremely handy. Clients use them for timing their meditation practice too. It is extremely useful that the timer continues to cycle through the chosen time span indefinitely, giving the yoga practitioners the opportunity to complete a timed practice without resetting the controls.”

Rob Walker 

Yoga Studio 

Calgary, Canada

How to Use the MotivAider to Stick To A Diet Or Quit Smoking

Let’s face it, trying to stick to a diet or quit smoking is like fighting a war. If you’re going to go into battle, you’d better make sure that you have the most effective weapons.

The MotivAider gives your good intentions a way to finally overpower your cravings.

It automatically keeps you focused on the personally compelling reasons why it’s worth fighting – and winning – the war.

The MotivAider can keep your attention riveted, for example, on the delicious benefits of losing weight, or on the relief and confidence-boosting satisfaction you’ll feel when you declare your independence from cigarettes.

The MotivAider fortifies your resolve, boosts your willpower, and makes you less susceptible to being ambushed and defeated by those inevitable cravings and urges.


The MotivAider: Self-Improvement. Delivered