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Mind WorkStation is an all-in-one toolset for professional brainwave entrainment development, therapy and research.

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Used by thousands of companies, therapists and entrainment enthusiasts! Mind WorkStation handles the entire process of creating professional brainwave entrainment sessions (altered states of consciousness using beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwave frequencies), offering a wide range of audio/visual effects (light and sound including binaural beats), cutting-edge neural stimulation methods (including brainwave synchronization), and easy integration with biofeedback and EEG neurofeedback devices. Mind WorkStation software enables you to work with brainwave entrainment in ways that were not possible or cost-effective before. While it handles many of the complex, technical aspects for you, you are able to drill down into the details and fine tune every aspect of the neural stimulation. Whether you are a therapist, researcher, developer, neurofeedback practitioner or simply a brainwave entrainment enthusiast, Mind WorkStation gives you the tools you need to create real cognitive change. Explore this internet website mindmachines.com to find out more about this breakthrough software.

This is the software used to create most of the world’s brainwave entrainment CDs, MP3s and mental health systems.
Download the PDF datasheet for MindWS
Datasheet (PDF)
Advanced Brainwave Stimulation
The process of neural stimulation has been perfected and extended in Mind WorkStation. All forms of audio/visual stimulation are possible, along with revolutionary new methods. Everything from Isochronic tones and binaural beats, to sound filtering, AudioStrobe, and on-screen visualizations. Complex filtering methods allow you to use any audio source as the carrier for brainwave entrainment. And, with the new frequency band selector features, it can do this without distorting music.
EEG-Driven Stimulation / Biofeedback Integration
Mind WorkStation is compatible with many popular biofeedback devices and software packages. You can link up to these devices and use them to control entrainment frequencies, to graph their data along with a session, or even to control on-screen visualizations as a form of biofeedback game.
Advanced Content
Mind WorkStation incorporates some exciting new content types, such as the Ambience Generator, which arranges thousands of small audio samples to produce an original ambient environment, such as a forest, a beach, crystal bowls or wind chimes. The best part about this type of content is that it is different every time you use it!
Playlists, tone chords, on-screen visualizations and many other unique content types are supported. ALL content in Mind WorkStation can be used as a carrier for brainwave stimulation.
Intuitive Work Environment
While Mind WorkStation is easily the most powerful application ever developed for brainwave entrainment, the intuitive interface makes it very simple to perform a variety of common tasks. In fact the program does much of the work for you.The interface is specifically designed for brainwave entrainment and therapy. All the features commonly needed to create sessions are at your fingertips, with additional enhancements that adapt to your working style.
Mind WorkStation ships with a number of advanced sound effects, including echo, reverb and even “3D sound” features, allowing you to place or move a sound in 3D space. You can adjust the pitch or tempo of any sound file. Filters such as band-pass and low-pass are implemented, along with a wide variety of modulation types such as auto-panning. All of these effects will add to the professionalism of the session and to the psychological effect it has on the client.Most importantly, these effects are specially designed to be used with brainwave entrainment. Sound effects in other programs can often act to degrade the effectiveness of brainwave entrainment. In Mind WorkStation, everything has been meticulously designed to ensure that sound and visual effects will promote brainwave entrainment, not impede it.


Professional Brainwave Entrainment Development

Mind WorkStation provides an unmatched feature set for brainwave entrainment use and development.

Supporting both light and sound stimulation with a virtually unlimited frequency range, Mind WorkStation makes all functions of brainwave entrainment possible – from alpha and theta relaxation to beta concentration and delta sleep, to more unconventional frequency ranges such as ultra-high gamma or extremely slow delta.

The design of the application also makes it easy to stimulate the left and right cerebral hemispheres individually, or create more complex constructions such as dissociative or harmonic “box” sessions. Apply towards human enhancement, evoked potential, event-related potential to induced activity and ongoing brain activity.

The process of audio/visual neural stimulation has been perfected and extended in Mind WorkStation. All existing forms of stimulation are possible, along with revolutionary new methods. Everything from Isochronic tones and binaural beats, to sound filtering, AudioStrobe, and on-screen visualizations. Complex sound filtering allows you to use sound files or even entire playlists as the carrier for brainwave entrainment.

New, patented sound filtering techniques allow sound files to be embedded with brainwave entrainment without distorting the music or other audio. It does this by selectively embedding the entrainment into specific frequency bands, leaving the rest of the audio alone.

In the example below, only the lower frequencies are filtered to create entrainment. The higher frequencies are left alone.

Multiple example sessions are included, along with templates and entrainment presets for your convenience. 


For more information on the methods used to achieve brainwave stimulation, visit the entrainment methods section.



Mind WorkStation supports many biofeedback systems such as the ThoughtStream, GSR2, emWave, ProComp2 and Wild Divine’s LightStone hardware. Home users will be able to take greater advantage of their biofeedback system by allowing Mind WorkStation to communicate with the hardware. For example, it can provide advanced feedback mechanisms such as affecting the on-screen visualization in a form of biofeedback game. The advanced graphing capabilities of Mind WorkStation make it ideal for research.

Biofeedback measures can even be used to drive the brain stimulation. For example, a popular method for GSR is to use the carrier (pitch) of a binaural or isochronic beat as the feedback for the GSR device! In this way, you are getting the best of both worlds using the same stimulus – relaxing brainwave entrainment, and biofeedback.

The possibilities are limitless because of the flexibility in the design of Mind WorkStation.


EEG-Driven Stimulation / Neurofeedback

Mind WorkStation can connect to most commercial EEG units. It can do this directly through devices such as the NeuroSky or Emotiv EPOC EEG, or through software such as BioExplorer, BioEra and BioGraph.

EEG signals can easily be used to control brainwave stimulation. This is commonly called EEG-Driven Stimulation, and it is an exciting and promising use of this technology. The modular design of Mind WorkStation makes it easier than ever to accomplish this.

As with biofeedback, Mind WorkStation can also be used as an advanced feedback mechanism for neurofeedback by affecting on-screen visualizations or the audio. It can also be used with the program’s advanced 3D graphing system.



Mind WorkStation is an ideal research tool, providing a host of useful features along with an unsurpassed level of flexibility. The 3D Graphing capabilities allow you to chart any part of the session, including data received from biofeedback engines. Status windows display all input and output variables. A logging window keeps a detailed log of the events of the session, including a timestamp for each message.

The level of control Mind WorkStation allows is perfect for research in this field. Nothing is left unexplained – all the audio/visual variables present in the session can be accounted for, since waveforms, phase changes, intensity levels, overlapping modulation, spatial positioning, and more are able to be controlled directly and kept track of using the tools at your disposal.



Mind WorkStation includes all the tools you need to help clients deal with stress, anxieties, achieve altered states of consciousness, meditation or to increase attention and motivation using brainwave entrainment. A wide range of sessions are included, with protocols based on the methods used in clinical studies for everything from stress to learning disabilities.

A unique aspect of Mind WorkStation is the concept of an interactive session between the therapist and the client. Many therapists, clinicians and researchers are exploring the benefits of real-time client-therapist interaction during brainwave entrainment sessions. Using the client’s feedback to find a suitable brainwave frequency has been shown to be particularly effective when dealing with chronic pain and headaches, and further evidence is suggesting it can be a valuable technique for nearly all session types.



Brainwave entrainment can be a very useful aide in hypnotherapy, making it easier for clients to enter the ideal receptive state, or enabling work with clients who would normally be unable to enter a receptive state at all.

The multi-track interface of Mind WorkStation makes it very easy to arrange even the most complex hypnosis sessions, and integrate brainwave entrainment or even biofeedback into the mix.

Hypnotherapists will find great use with the microphone recording capabilities and advanced sound effects of Mind WorkStation, such as echo and reverberation. Using 3D positioning features, the voice could be set to move around the listener on custom three dimensional paths. If the client is wearing stereo headphones, this can have a very profound effect.

Sessions can easily be exported to MP3, WAV and other formats, giving the client a personalized, take-home solution.


» Regular Version

For brainwave entrainment enthusiasts, personal biofeedback users

Includes session editing, support for personal biofeedback systems, AudioStrobe, playlists, echo, reverberation, 3D spatial positioning, piano controls, screen display, 3D visualizations, standard programmable engines, filters, advanced waveform control, exporting to MP3, WAV and OGG, microphone recording, ambience generation and more.


Price: $179.99



» Professional Version

For researchers, developers or personal users interested in professional features

Includes everything in the regular version, with additional tools for professional users, such as advanced engine features, graphing capabilities, additional presets, professional templates and sessions. Click here for a full version comparison.


Price: $279.99 



» Enterprise Version

For therapists, practitioners or businesses

Includes everything in the regular and professional versions. Additionally, it includes EEG-device support, .NET plugin support, real-time control console, advanced support level and more.


Price: $489.99  

Features marked with an asterisk (*) are explained at the bottom. 

All forms of brainwave entrainment (binaural beats, isochronic tones, etc)
Embedding BWE into sound
Screen Flashing / Visual Plugins
Random Stimulation
Biofeedback Support: LightStone (Wild Divine), ThoughtStream, Mind-Reflection, GSR2, BioScan, emWave (Freeze Framer) and more
Sounds / Playlists
Piano Controls
Echo / Reverb
3D Spatial Audio Positioning
Pitch / Tempo Adjustments
Phase / Waveform Control (of the beat)
Filters (Band-Pass, Low-Pass)
Frequency Band Selection for BWE (patented)
Export to MP3, WAV, OGG
Microphone Recording (with Noise Reduction)
Undoing, Zooming, Syncing, Snapping
Importing Files
Randomization Engine
Data Table Engine
Formula / Expression Engine
Ambience Generator*
Emotiv EPOC EEG and NeuroSky EEG compatibility
EEG-Driven Stimulation Sessions
(only for Emotiv EPOC – other devices that use BioExplorer, BioGraph or BioEra require the Enterprise version)
Additional Ambience Presets*
Recording while playing
Graphing Tool*
Timer Engine*
Advanced Engine Functions*
Functions For Expressions*
Additional (Professional) Session Examples*
Additional (Professional) Templates
Commercial License to use for corporate or academic research & development purposes
Real-Time Control Console*
Real-Time Exporting (Export While Playing)*
BioExplorer, BioGraph and BioEra support
Engine Plugins*
Engine Plugins SDK*
Additional (Enterprise) Templates
Additional (Enterprise) Session Examples*
Commercial License to use with individual clients or in a clinical or in therapeutic settings
Advanced Support Level*



BiofeedbackBiofeedback is a learning method based on your own body and the signals it sends to you. By “reading” your own body and mastering its messages and what it needs to improve its performance, you can become more self-aware of your moment to moment state and your options to change that state. Biofeedback is non-invasive, and can translate your body’s distinctive signals into a variety of forms – sound, visual and sensory.
Brainwave EntrainmentBrainwaves represent electrical activity in the brain, and brainwave entrainment is a method of stimulating this activity using patterns of sound or light.
EEG (Electroencephalography)Electroencephalography, or EEG, is the measurement of electrical activity in the brain using electrodes placed on the scalp.
EnginesEngines are mini-programs used to exert an advanced level of control over content or brainwave frequencies.
Ambience GeneratorThe Ambience Generator arranges thousands of small audio samples to produce a unique ambient environment, such as a forest, a beach, crystal bowls or wind chimes. The best part about this type of content is that it is different every time you use it.You can make your own randomly generated soundscape, or use the presets included:
Beach, Forest, Night Sounds, Thunder Storm, Wind Chimes, Wind
Professional Session ExamplesSee the session list.
Additional Ambience PresetsThe Professional and Enterprise versions include additional ambience presets:
Metal-Crystal Bowls, Underwater, Water Surface
GraphingThe Professional and Enterprise versions include a graphing tool used to chart session data or information coming from biofeedback devices.
Timer EngineThis engine is used for timing the input and output of other engines. This is a very useful feature when when the timing of engine input is important.
Advanced Engine FunctionsThe Professional and Enterprise versions include many important engine enhancements, such as action timeframes, advanced randomization options, formula functions and advanced random update options.
Functions In ExpressionsThe Professional and Enterprise versions allow the use of functions in the creation of expressions.
Engine Status / Control WindowThe Professional and Enterprise versions include engine status windows, which will pop up on session play and give you a readout of the input and output of the session. It also allows you to pause and resume the engine at any time.
Enterprise Session Examples 
Real-Time Control ConsoleThe Enterprise version includes a tool designed to be used by therapists to modify a session in response to the client’s reactions in real-time.
Real-Time Exporting (Export While Playing)The Enterprise version has the ability to write to an MP3, WAV or OGG file while the session is playing. All playback will be included in the resulting sound file, including content that is controlled by EEG devices or the control console. This feature gives you the ability to save a session that is unique to a specific client, either for your own reference or as an aide for the client to use at home.
EEG Device SupportThe Enterprise version includes EEG device support by connecting to the BioExplorer, BioGraph or BioEra applications and transforming the data it receives from them into data that can be used to control brainwave entrainment frequencies or content.
EEG-Driven Stimulation Protocols & DesignsProtocols and designs for EEG-driven stimulation are included in the Enterprise version.
Engine Plugins SupportThe Enterprise version supports the use of Microsoft .NET engine plugins, allowing more complex or proprietary algorithms to be used.
Engine Plugins SDKAn SDK (Software Development Kit) is included with the enterprise version.
Advanced Support LevelThe advanced support level includes priority support and, if necessary, connecting remotely to the customer’s machine in order to fix any problems. Enterprise version users receive this service for free.

Session List

List Of Included Sessions

Below is a list of the sessions included in the Mind WorkStation program.

All sessions include a description of the research on which they are based, and instructions on how the session should be used.


Standard Sessions

Alpha Binaural Beats

Alpha Isochronic Tones

Alpha, Beta for Depression

Alpha, Beta, Gamma for Depression

Attention & Focus 12-14 Hz

Attention & Focus 14-16 Hz

Beta – Left Brain, SMR – Right Brain

Beta Stimulation

Beta, SMR for ADD ADHD

Creative Focus

Deep Alpha Dissociation

Deep Alpha Relaxation

Deep Meditation

Delta Relaxation

Energy & Motivation – 15-18 Hz

Energy & Motivation – 15-30 Hz

Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain

Gamma Stimulation

Hypnotic Alpha Relax

Hypnotic Theta Relax

Light Alpha Dissociation

Light Alpha Relaxation

Light Meditation


Schumann Resonance

Short Alpha Session

Sleep Induction (with Beach Sound Generation)

Sleep Induction (with White Noise)

SMR Stimulation


Theta Binaural Beats

Theta Isochronic Tones

Theta Relaxation

Wake Up! Caffeine Replacement


Stimulation Type Examples

Alternating AudioStrobe

Alternating Stimulation

Ambience, Embedded Entrainment


Binaural Beats


Frequency Band Selection

Harmonic Box X

Isochronic Tones

Left, Right Hemisphere Stimulation

Monaural Beats

Playlist, Embedded Entrainment

Screen Flashing

Sound File, Embedded Entrainment

Sound File, Spatial Binaural Beats (Pitch Panning)

Spatial Binaural Beats (Pitch Panning)

Visualization + Screen Flashing

Visualization Pulsing

White Noise, Embedded Entrainment


EEG Driving Sessions

Emotiv EPOC EEG:

Emotiv – Alpha Relaxation

Emotiv – Beta Enhancement

Emotiv – SMR Enhancement


BioGraph – Alpha Relaxation

BioGraph – Beta Enhancement

BioGraph – SMR Enhancement


BioEra – Alpha Relaxation

BioEra – Beta Relaxation

BioEra – SMR Enhancement


BioExplorer – Alpha Relaxation

BioExplorer – Beta Enhancement

BioExplorer – SMR Enhancement


BioOptimization Sessions

BioExplorer – BioOptimization for Alpha Relaxation.mws

BioScan – BioOptimization.mws

Emotiv – BioOptimization for Attention.mws

Emotiv – BioOptimization for Energy & Motivation.mws

Emotiv – BioOptimization for Frustration Reduction.mws

Emotiv – BioOptimization for Meditation.mws

emWave – BioOptimization.mws

GSR – BioOptimization.mws

LightStone (Wild Divine) – BioOptimization.mws

MindReflection – BioOptimization.mws

NeuroSky – BioOptimization for Attention.mws

NeuroSky – BioOptimization for Meditation.mws

ThoughtStream – BioOptimization.mws

ThoughtStream (old version) – BioOptimization.mws


BioFeedback Sessions


BioScan Feedback + Alpha Binaural Beats

BioScan Feedback + Alpha Stimulation

BioScan Feedback + Theta Binaural Beats

BioScan Feedback + Theta Stimulation

BioScan Game – Orbs.mws

BioScan Game – Tubes.mws

BioScan Game + Screen Flashing – Explosions.mws

emWave (Freeze Framer):

emWave Coherence Feedback + Alpha Stimulation

emWave BPM Feedback + Alpha Stimulation

emWave Game – Orbs

emWave Game – Tubes

emWave Game + Screen Flashing – ExplosionsGSR2:

GSR2 Feedback + Alpha Binaural Beats

GSR2 Feedback + Alpha Stimulation

GSR2 Feedback + Theta Binaural Beats

GSR2 Feedback + Theta Stimulation

GSR2 Game + Screen Flashing – Explosions

GSR2 Game – Orbs

GSR2 Game – Tubes

LightStone / Wild Divine / IOM Biofeedback System

LightStone (Wild Divine) Feedback + Alpha Binaural Beats

LightStone (Wild Divine) Feedback + Alpha Stimulation

LightStone (Wild Divine) Feedback + Theta Binaural Beats

LightStone (Wild Divine) Feedback + Theta Stimulation

LightStone (Wild Divine) Game + Screen Flashing – Explosions

LightStone (Wild Divine) Game – Orbs

LightStone (Wild Divine) Game – Tubes


ThoughtStream Feedback + Alpha Binaural Beats

ThoughtStream Feedback + Alpha Stimulation

ThoughtStream Feedback + Theta Binaural Beats

ThoughtStream Feedback + Theta Stimulation

ThoughtStream Game + Screen Flashing – Explosions

ThoughtStream Game – Orbs

ThoughtStream Game – Tubes


Professional Sessions (Professional Version Only)


Emotiv Advanced EEG Driven Stim – Alpha Theta.mws

Emotiv Advanced EEG Driven Stim – Beta.mws

Emotiv Advanced EEG Driven Stim – SMR.mws

Emotiv EEG Driven Stim – Alpha.mws

Emotiv Hypnosis + Advanced EEG Driven Stim.mws

Other Professional Sessions

ADD Enhanced – Beta, Gamma Left Brain, SMR Right Brain

ADD Two-Part Protocol – Part 1 – Excite

ADD Two-Part Protocol – Part 2 – Inhibit

Anxiety Relief For Medical Procedures

Attention & Focus, Alternating SMR, Beta

Extended SMR

Memory Improvement

Migraine Headache Relief

Non-Verbal (Arithmetic) Skills Improvement

Pain Relief For Medical Procedures

Stimulation for College Students

Verbal Skills Improvement

Zone State Stimulation


Random Frequency Sessions (Professional Version Only)

Alpha-Focused Random Frequency Stim

Muscle Contraction Headache Relief (Random 1-3 Hz Stim)

Random Alpha Frequency Range Stim

Random Frequency & Phase Stim

Wide Range Random Frequency Stim


EEG Stimulation & Gaming (Enterprise Version Only)

BioExplorer Sessions:

BioExplorer – Alpha Relaxation

BioExplorer – Beta Enhancement

BioExplorer – SMR Enhancement

BioExplorer EEG Driven Stim – Alpha Peak Drive

BioExplorer EEG Driven Stim – Alpha Theta

BioExplorer EEG Driven Stim – Alpha

BioExplorer EEG Driven Stim – Beta

BioExplorer EEG Driven Stim – SMR

BioExplorer Hypnosis + EEG Driven Stim

BioExplorer EEG Driven Stim + Audio Feedback

BioExplorer EEG Driven Stim + EEG Game 2

BioExplorer EEG Driven Stim + EEG Game

BioEra Sessions

BioEra – Alpha Relaxation

BioEra – Beta Stimulation

BioEra – SMR Stimulation

BioGraph Sessions

BioGraph – Beta Enhancement

BioGraph – Alpha Relaxation

BioGraph – SMR Enhancement

BioGraph EEG Driven Stim – Alpha Peak Drive

BioGraph EEG Driven Stim – Alpha Relaxation

BioGraph EEG Driven Stim – Alpha Theta Relax

BioGraph EEG Driven Stim – Beta Enhancement

BioGraph EEG Driven Stim – SMR Enhancement

BioGraph EEG Driven Stim + Neurofeedback – 12-15 hz

BioGraph EEG Driven Stim + Neurofeedback – 12-20 hz

BioGraph EEG Driven Stim + Neurofeedback – 15-20 hz

BioGraph EEG Driven Stim + Neurofeedback – Alpha

BioGraph Game – EEG – 2 Objects

BioGraph Game – EEG – Explosions

BioGraph Game – EEG – Hyperspace

BioGraph Game – EEG – Orbs

BioGraph Game – EEG – Spinner

BioGraph Game – EEG – Tubes

BioGraph GSR Tonal Feedback + Alpha Stimulation

BioGraph GSR Tonal Feedback + Theta Stimulation

BioGraph Game – HRV – 2 Objects

BioGraph Game – HRV – Flower

BioGraph Game – HRV – Tunnel

BioGraph Game – HRV-Resp – Fire

BioGraph Game – HRV-Resp – Rotating Disc

BioGraph Game – Skin Conductance, Auto-Threshold – Flower

BioGraph Game – Skin Conductance, Auto-Threshold – Tunnel

BioGraph Game – Skin Conductance, Auto-Threshold – Vortex

BioGraph Game – Skin Conductance – Explosions

BioGraph Game – Skin Conductance – Fire

BioGraph Game – Skin Conductance – Orbs

BioGraph Game – Skin Conductance – Tubes


BioExplorer Designs (Enterprise Only)

Mind WorkStation – EEG-Driven Stimulation.bxd

Mind WorkStation – Neurofeedback + EEG-Driven Stim.bxd

BioEra Designs (Enterprise Only)

BioEra EEG-Driving for Mind WorkStation.bpd

BioGraph Packs (Enterprise Only)

EEG Pack – Includes everything needed to use the EEG sessions described above, or to create your own sessions based on the same screens.

Physiology Pack – Includes everything needed to use the physiology sessions described above, or to create your own sessions based on the same screens.


Console Sessions (Enterprise Version Only)

Alpha Range Control

Migraine Relief, Self-Chosen Frequencies

Wide Range Frequency & Pitch Control