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Michael Landgraf and Christopher Oliver

In 1985, Michael Landgraf, President of Michael Landgraf Enterprises LLC, began personally using light and sound mind machines for relaxation and meditation. After five years of experimenting with and experiencing the benefits of light and sound stimulation, Michael established Landgraf Enterprises (1990). Specializing in InnerQuest International audio and visual instrumentation (the major mind machine manufacturer previously known as Psych Research), Michael believed his goal should be promoting the positive benefits and cost effectiveness of pulsed light and sound stimulation by sponsoring learning / relaxation programs in the greater Southern California region. Some of his past, present and ongoing programs include:

  • The Behavioral Science Services and Communications Divisions of the Los Angeles Police Department.
  • The Parenting Institute of Los Angeles.
  • The Braille Institute: Los Angeles region.
  • Danube Avenue Elementary School, L.A. Unified School District.
  • AIDS Project / Los Angeles, Our House residential facility.
  • Rainbow Recovery Unlimited, Santa Clarita, CA.

In addition to volunteering his time and donating dozens of light and sound instruments to various programs, he became a retail mind machine dealer for Mind Gear, Synetic Systems (now known as MindPlace) and Comptronics (today known as MindAlive). Michael also incorporated EEG / neurofeedback, motion and vibrational stimulation (referred to as tactile) into his programs and retail business. These tools for learning and relaxation have enabled his customers, as well as the participants in the programs he sponsors, to improve the quality of their life. Having performed over 4.000 light and sound and 500 EEG/neurofeedback training sessions, Michael has witnessed some truly amazing results.

Michael Landgraf is an associate member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, is a consultant to OPNET, Inc. (developers of NeuroLearning), and the dealer representative for Mind Gear Inc., one of the world’s premier light and sound manufacturing companies. Michael wrote the first book dedicated for beginning and intermediate light and sound users: “Mind States / An Introduction to Light & Sound Technology” (ISBN: 0-9662596-0-2), celebrating it’s recently revised 2nd Edition. And in keeping with his primary goal of promoting the cost effectiveness of light and sound stimulation, offers the following ebooks for free:

  • “AVS Journal” In the Fall of 2000, Mr. Landgraf began publishing the AVS Journal (AVS meaning audio-visual stimulation), which includes such topics as current research, developments and new products. This is a truly unique periodical devoted to light and sound technology and related modalities (Go to AVS Journal Page).
  • “Light, Sound & Fun” Michael wrote Fossil Phil’s “Light, Sound & Fun” children’s story and coloring book, the first of it’s kind, to assist children in understanding what light and sound technology is all about (Go to Download Page).
  • “Light & Sound Buyer’s Guide: 2006 Edition” Written by Michael to help you, the consumer, learn about the various light and sound instruments and enable you to personally decide which mind machine would best meet your specific needs (Go to Download Page).

Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two people are affected the same way when using pulsed light and sound stimulation. We all have our particular needs. To meet these needs, Mr. Landgraf has developed or assisted in the development of several products, including:

  • The ALLcolor Visual System®.
  • TENcolor Lightframes.
  • Lightframe Polarity Adapters.
  • Virtual 515 Mindmachine CD.
  • LoopLogic CD.
  • iLightz Pro Mindmachine.


Christopher’s experience as a light and sound session designer goes back to the early 1990’s. He has been featured on Fox News: “The Mind Machine”, on talk radio: “KPFK Challenge”, and featured in the AVS Journal – “The only magazine dedicated to light and sound mind machine technology”. Christopher pioneered the use of dual independent binaural beat sessions in AVS -light and sound mind machines. Christopher created the Virtual 515 Mind Machine CD  and LoopLogic EEG Neurofeedback Clinical CD with Michael Landgraf. In addition Mr. Oliver has created and produced Space Journey Polysync (was bundled with NovaPro), Baby Sleepytime CD  to help newborns, children, and adults sleep more soundly, Light and Sound Voyager CD, Synthesizers from Outer Space, and the Padre Island Ocean Sound CD .

Michael offers both group and private, individual instruction on how best to use light, sound, tactile stimulation and motion to meet the particular needs of his clients, as well as new product consulting. For more information about Michael’s approach in using tools for learning and relaxation or to contact Michael directly, please email: store@mindmachines.com or phone: 818-831-7931.